More Crazy Days To Come

WOW!!! That was crazy!! I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat for days! It was like watching a train-wreck in slow motion! I couldn’t look away!! Finally, on Saturday the media en-masse declared Joe Biden the President-elect of the United States of America. I feel like I have been sitting in a dentist’s chair for five days. It’s not even my country!!!

The one thing I have to say about the Americans, no one does entertainment better. They even make elections interesting. For days I have watched from my front-row seat on their northern border, as the American people have first cast, then counted, the ballots. I have to give them credit for the sheer number of people that took part in this years General Election. It was outstanding! More than 144-million citizen’s cast ballots! That’s almost five times the entire population of Canada!! Kudo’s to the citizens of the USA, for taking part in their own democracy.

I understand that when you look at the way the Americans voted, you might see that although half voted for Joe Biden, half did not. This might lead you to think that the country is essentially divided. You would be right but you would also be wrong. Yes, they are divided in political views, with both sides having their share of whack-job crazy extremists, but they are still one country and are still a force when they band together. Will that happen? Under Trump there was no chance, but with Biden in charge at least there is hope.

It is also important to understand that although the media has called the election in favour of Biden, it is not official yet, and actually will not be until mid-December when all the states must certify their results and cast their Electoral College ballots. That’s when it is official. Until then, President Trump is able to challenge the results in court, and this guy loves court. He has been in litigation 3500 times in the last three decades. 3500!! That’s not a typo!! What this means is that no matter how obscure the chances seem that there could be enough legal activity to change what currently is, it could still happen. Kind of like winning the lottery, as long as you have a ticket…

The Trump strategy is to attack the system. To somehow prove the theory that there has been fraud committed. Ballots have been altered, double counted or cast by dead people the President’s legal team says, and these should not count in the totals. The Plump-ster’s lead legal spokesperson is Rudy Giuliani. Rudy likes the camera as much as Trump does, but actually has a law degree. This is good when you’re dealing with legal matters. So, when Rudy the lawyer, says at a press conference, “…we don’t know where those ballots came from!! They could have come from Mars for all we know!!…”, it doesn’t sound crazy. This is an interesting legal strategy, since we all know that it would take way too long for the US Postal Service to deliver them all the way from Mars. Come on Rudy! You can do better than that.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, was trying to push the story of a postal worker that was told by a guy, that knew a guy, that heard a guy, say that the bosses at USPS were thinking of post-dating ballots that they hadn’t found yet because they were too under-staffed to get through every bag of mail collected by midnight on Nov. 3rd and get it postmarked, as per a judicial directive. This idea has a certain amount of possibility, considering the pressure the postal service was under, and it takes place on this planet. But it is irrelevant, since the number of ballots in dispute would need to total in the tens of thousands to change the results… and that needs to happen in five states!!!

The final segment of the ‘attack the system’ strategy is being put forth by the Cheeto himself, and that is that mail-in voting is teeming with fraud. It runs in conjunction with Rudy the lawyer’s claims, but stays on the planet. It does add a small twist, one that Trump has been utilizing for four years and that is, if you say it enough, people will believe it. “I WON BY A LOT!!” President Plump tweeted from behind the wall that surrounds the White House. That’s correct… he finally got his wall, and from there Donald J. Trump is claiming he has not lost the election because the ballots that were cast for Joe Biden, all 74 million of them, are ‘Fake Ballots’. Keep tapping those heels Donny.

Trump is unlikely to concede the election and take the high-road, showing class and dignity, which up until now people had come to expect from previous Presidential candidates. After four years of watching him, I doubt he could find the high-road with GPS and a guide-dog. That’s not the Trump we know, and having any expectations of him miraculously changing in the final hour, would be mis-guided.

The next few weeks and months, we should have a few more surprises, headlines, and Tweets from the Cheeto-in-Charge, that all of us can laugh and shake our heads at. I have no problem thinking up some zany things that could happen between now and January 20, 2021. He’s already refusing to leave by not accepting the vote as being legitimate, and it will get crazier every time he, or Rudy the lawyer, speak in public. You thought injecting cleaning solution was a good way to beat the COVID or voters from Mars were crazy things to say, just watch what happens next.

So, I plan to make some more popcorn, and settle in for the closing act of this epic American production. I do this knowing two things, The United States is not my country; and that come January 20, 2021, it will be under new leadership, and saying that the approach to governing the nation will take a drastic shift on that day, would be an understatement. Will there be hand-cuffs used on that day? Well… that I’m not so sure about.








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    Hand-cuffs? I sure hope so.

    You know what? When Biden was finally declared the winner by the Washington Post (I think it was the Post anyway) … well when that happened, I felt a great weight lift off my shoulders. I had no idea that I was so stressed out by that madman in the White House before this happened.

    There is something else too. Despite foreign interference in American politics, despite the ravings of the lunatic who occupied the People’s House–the White House–for four awful years, the system of democracy that those damn Yankees enjoy proved its worth A dictator was defeated by their form of democracy. I gotta hand it to them yanks …

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