Hunker and Bunker

So maybe I laughed at the people that dug bunkers, I’m sure that a few of you did as well. Stock-piling cans of Spam and hoarding toilet paper. I chuckled at the absurdity of their actions, who needs to own a dozen can openers?? Well, my province just went into lockdown, code red, stay at home zombie apocalypse mode, and I can’t even buy a lottery ticket!!! That’s an integral part of my retirement plan!!!

The infection and mortality rates in my area has been steadily climbing over the past month, as they have throughout the country. Our rates have just been doing it faster than the rest of the country, and the world for that matter.

Three months ago, our government introduced COVID response levels. A simple three-tiered system, that would inform the citizens of the health restrictions that were effective in any given area of my province. Yellow; move about freely but don’t forget there’s still a virus out there. Orange; We need to limit our contacts out side our local area and wear a mask inside. Red; Stores close, people stay home and stay away from other people and only go out for essential goods. We started in yellow and ninety days later we’re in red. Not just my region, the entire province!! It took us three months to get so infected, we now have to hide out!!! People around here have got to stop licking each other!!!

Code red should have been enough but people didn’t listen and now we are in a Uber-Red level. Red-Plus! Only go out for essential needs, period! There’s a list of what the government deems essential. The lottery isn’t essential!! Easy for them to say!!! It also appears that lighters are non-essential, yet tobacco and cannabis are! How am I supposed to light the stuff??? Rub two sticks together!!!

The restriction list is thanks to the Big-Box stores exploiting a loop-hole in the code red response level. Rather than close their doors, they claimed that since they sold Danish cookies and Swedish meatballs, that they were essential. It’s not their fault if someone wanted to buy a 70” flat-screen television along with their meatballs, right? I don’t know who’s most at fault, the store for being open, or the idiots that went there. What part of stay home are you not understanding?!! Now thanks to both parties’, I can’t even buy a magazine to read!!

Speaking of stupid…

There does not appear to be an ounce of dignity or class in Donald Trump’s body, and it’s a big body! Is he some kind of masochist? How many times does he need to be told he lost, before he gets the message? Does he get some sort of pleasure out of being called a loser? Over and over and over again! He keeps tweeting that “I won the election!!!”, “By a lot!!!”, who does he think he is? Joe Biden?

Being unable to accept defeat with grace, and allowing the new incoming administration access to information, the plump-one is crippling his own country. This is what happens when you elect unstable people to lead you. Crazy is as crazy does.

The stream of law-suits filed by his campaign every Monday, have been tossed out of court, for lack of evidence, by Friday. Rudy the lawyer, is having weekly press conferences, where he is sweating hair-dye and claiming all sorts of evil-doings by the Democrats. Nothing he can prove yet but he will, “I can smell corruption” he says. That’s a good thing for Trump because it’s all the evidence he’s got.

The part I don’t understand. If his opponent was so crafty, that he was able to subvert every single voting-precinct in the United States and leave behind no evidence, why didn’t the Trump campaign do it too? After four-years of watching Donny work, I can’t believe there would be moral issue. Maybe it is because it can’t be done. Cry foul all you want, there is nothing nefarious that can be proved, because there is actually nothing nefarious there. You lost fair and square to Joe Biden.

You basically called Biden a ‘dotard’. You lost to a ‘dotard’! You are the biggest loser!! Give it up already!!! Stop being a suck!!! You lost, get over it. Let your country move forward. They tried you for four years, and you sucked at the job, and you are still sucking at the job!! You are a loser, 80-million Americans said so… live with it.

By denying access to the incoming administration he is inflicting needless harm to the American people, including those that voted for him. He doesn’t need to accept defeat to allow for the transition of power process, but I doubt that he has the mental-capacity to grasp this fact. Deny and blame, has been his modus-operandi through life, and it’s not going to change now. After-all, that approach along with litigation, got him this far. Donald J. Trump will be forever known as the biggest loser in American Presidential history. Looks good on him.

There appears to be nothing we can do about crazy people, there just seems to be too many of them. I used to laugh at the hoarders and bunker builders, but I’m now starting to think the laugh is on me.

Keep your head down and stay safe.











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