It’s An Overload

I find there is too much going on in the world and that managing to have one complete thought, before another one pops into my head, is all but impossible.

It would probably help if I didn’t spend time watching and reading the news. Mind you if I didn’t, I might never have known about this COVID thing and just thought a lot have stores had gone out of business. If not for the news, I would definitely know nothing about the election going on in the USA. I might not even know that their country was being run by an angry orange Cheeto. But alas, I do watch the news and I am aware. Confused sometimes, but aware.

On September 25th, global climate action day, a British teenager stood on an ice-flow in the Arctic Ocean for five hours with a sign that read “Youth Strike for Climate”. In doing so, she has become the world’s most northern protester ever recorded. Even the ‘stop the seal hunt’ people didn’t go that far north to get the message across. This is one motivated 18-year-old.

Arctic circle, standing on a floating piece of ice, as it slowly melts around her feet. Doing something, that even in summer has got to be damn uncomfortable, is an act to be admired. Her message is that our planet is hurting, and she needs the leaders of today to take notice and take action to help. It’s too bad she couldn’t have convinced a few of those world leaders to join her on their own piece of melting ice. I have a few in mind.

Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, the one that looks like Beaker from the Muppet Show, has implemented more ardent restrictions in the UK as coronavirus cases start to rise. One of these restrictions is the closure of pubs by midnight, and group sizes have been restricted to six people. Do Millennials even get up before 11pm? Is six people even considered a group? I know The Beatles were four, but they had ‘roadies’! There are usually at least six people lined up at every ATM, just to get enough money to go buy a beer. Who now-a-days doesn’t have a ‘posse’?? I know I don’t live there, but six is a ridiculous number!! I have six grandchildren!! What am I supposed to do??? Put a high-chair on the front lawn and make one of them eat out there during a family dinner?? Tell one of them they can’t come into their grandfather’s house until one of their sibling’s leaves??? I’m not that brave! The crying would crush me!!

Where I am in Canada, the gathering size is recommended at ten people. This number is barely better than six, but with Thanksgiving on the horizon, it does allow for me to hold a modified family dinner where the majority of family members can be under one roof to eat at the same time. Mind you, the meal is self-serve and there are two dining times, 4pm and 7pm. The limited seating does require that all invitees RSVP and indicate their preferred time and upon arrival wait in their vehicle until I send them a message to enter my house. I also included in my invitation some fine print. My sons were told that they may NOT just drop off their children and go eat somewhere else, and I also reminded them that managing a pandemic was a shared responsibility. Okay you got me, ten is a ridiculous number too!

San Marino is small mountainous republic in Europe. I looked it up. Like Vatican City, it is a sovereign state, that is surrounded by Italy. The Republic of San Marino was founded on Sept 3, 301 and is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe based on a per capita GDP. It has no national debt, and runs a budget surplus. Taxation is between 9% and 30% dependant on income. They also have elections every six months and have competed as a country in 14 Olympic Games, winter and summer. Why am I telling you this? Because San Marino also has the largest COVID-19 death-rate per one-million people then any other country in the world. Why? It might have something to do with the fact that there are only 34,000 people living there, and they’re surrounded by Italy!! Greenland has more people than San Marino!!

Currently San Marino has lost 42 people to the virus which works out to 1,237 deaths per million citizens, if they had a million citizens. In contrast, the Americans are only dying at a rate of 631 people per million, but they have 331 million citizens! Still, President Plump would say that 631 is a far cry from 1,237, and his administration was doing an ‘A+’ job of handling the pandemic. Except for the fact that his country has had enough deaths to have killed off the entire population of San Marino six times over, he would be right. In fact, the Americans are dying at a rate below half a dozen other countries, they are barely top ten when it comes to per population death-rate. So why are we always talking about how bad the Americans are preforming against the virus? Volume, sheer volume.

At 205k dead and more then 7 million infected, the United States is absolutely dwarfing every other country with its sheer volume, and their numbers keep rising. From my perspective as its neighbour, the entire country is a teaming cesspool of COVID. Last week, Canada had eight of our citizens pass due to the virus, on that same day, the United States recorded over 1100!! They have only ten times our population!! A reasonable number of deaths from their side should have been just south of 100 that day! We share the same land mass with them!! What are these people doing??!! Washing their opioids down with COVID laced Kool-Aid?!!?

There is very little chance you could convince me to travel to the United States anytime in the near future. I would not even take a flight with a layover in the continental US, even if I didn’t have to change planes! American’s are currently showing how little they care about having more of their citizens die on their soil, than all the war-deaths they’ve experienced since the WWII. That’s the Korean War, Vietnam War, both Gulf Wars, along with every conflict in South America they have participated in, as well as the War on Terror and the loss of life at The World Trade Center and The Pentagon attacks, combined!! That’s more than 65-years of warring!! They blew that total number of dead away in six months!! I, for one, am not all that surprised at America’s lack of ability to handle a virus and stop themselves from dying. Demonstrating self-control and thinking before they act, has never been one of their country’s strong suits.

Speaking of President Plump, the former leader of the free world, he really is starting to look like a big orange Cheeto corn snack. Is he sitting under sun-lamps while he watches TV and plays on Twitter? His skin tone seems a bit off, but it could be my television. Now that I think about it, it must be my television because his electoral opponent, Joe Biden, looks very much like a burned match-stick man, kind of ash-grey. Neither one of them looks very healthy on my television, if you ask me. Kind of reminds me of their country.

It was just one year ago, September 2019, that a 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a sail-boat that was completely powered by wind and sun. The voyage took two-weeks, but she left no footprint on her way to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York. She wanted to make a point, and ‘walk the talk’. Draw attention to the harm we continue to inflict on the planet. Her call then, was that we must take action now, because the future looks bleak. In 2019, over six-million people, most of them school-aged children, took to the streets in protest demanding action be taken to address climate change.

As we all know, much can change in 12 months. A global pandemic caused the world to slow down, and for a few short weeks come to a virtual standstill. We stopped moving around the globe, we stopped driving our cars to work and for pleasure, we shuttered up large sections of the manufacturing sector, we grounded 80% of airplanes and in general we arrested our polluting behaviour. What happened? The water cleared, and the skies over cities went from grey to blue. Wildlife came out of the forests and jungles, and explored the land of their ancestors. We could hear the birds sing again.

Are you serious??!! The Cheeto only paid $750 in taxes…


See what I mean…














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