Where Has The Time Gone?

     There is less than 100 days remaining until the United States goes to the polls to elect or re-elect a President. It’s hard to believe that it has already been four years since the populous, well almost half of the ones that voted, put P.T. Barnum a.k.a. D.J. Trump in the White House. So, how’s that working out for you so-far?

It’s hard to believe that just a mere three years ago that the Trumpster, was calling Kim Jong-un of North Korea, “Rocketman”, and bragging about having a bigger ‘Button’ than Kim. Then he went and did a meet-and-greet at the DMZ for a photo-op. Then he forgot about Kim, so Kim felt neglected and started firing off rockets again.

In just four years, Trump has insulted any foreign leader that he can pronounce the name of, except maybe Putin, and voided virtually every trade agreement with every other nation. Stating they were all “horrible, horrible deals”, unfair to Americans and implemented tariffs on foreign goods, effectively making Americans pay more at the store, for simple necessities like food and clothing, as well as luxury items like cars and homes, there have been increases passed on to the American consumer thanks to a tariff. Oh wait, that can’t be right. Having a home in the United States is a luxury item??? How is that possible in a nation whose president claims it to be the ‘greatest’ in the world? He promised to ‘make America great again’ when they elected him four years ago!!! They printed hats!!! How can having a roof over your head be considered a luxury in the United States??!! Surely three years of Trump hasn’t caused this to happen!! Oh, my bad… sorry… that should say “NEW” homes. The tariffs cost the price of new homes to increase. I’m so embarrassed. Let’s be fair, even the greatest amongst us don’t excel at everything. ‘Dee-Jay’ has a short attention span and diplomacy hasn’t proven to be his forte.

National protectionism was the basis of Trump’s election platform four year’s ago. He lamented that at one-time Americans produced everything but now other nations were under-cutting costs by using non-American workforces, he promised if elected something would be done about this.

Domestically was where Trump must have figured he would do his great work. He would re-nationalize the workforce, help companies create jobs with tax-cuts and incentives for their elite. They would open a warehouse or expand a factory, and create minimum-wage jobs. This he did, along with removing environmental protections, that were slowing down the polluting of the air and raping the land, so those industries wouldn’t need to waste money on developing a better way. Worrying about the nation’s grandchildren was someone else’s problem, not his.

Trump also dismantled the majority of the “affordable” healthcare system, put in-place by the previous administration, and replaced it with… can’t find anything other than private health insurance. ‘Obamacare’ was a ‘bad deal’ he said, especially for those that could afford regular health insurance from a big company, and pay the monthly premiums. Why should they be paying for a bunch of “low-life, don’t have a job, probably not even American, criminals” to be treated and not die? Not on his watch! The president’s, ‘if you can’t afford the insurance… don’t get sick’ approach to healthcare, seems to be what a vast majority of Americans are living with. This has got to suck during a pandemic.

He complained in 2016 about the violence in some city streets, those with Democrats as their representatives in particular, then once elected ignored it until the unfortunate death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement. Then it appears he tried to continue to ignore it until the protests all across his country, could no longer be ignored. He sent in the armed militia to calm things down in some cities and tear-gassed his way to a photo-op across the street from the White House. He claimed it was left-wing agitators, sent by his political opponents, that were causing all the protests. He knows this because the internet says so. He has basically ignored the real problems and blamed others.

I know it seems forever ago, but let’s not forget he shut down the government and put thousands out of work over the holidays because the other politicians wouldn’t give him extra money to build a wall. I know!! I almost forgot too!!! He has hired, then fired all his friends it seems, based on the number of books that are being published about his corrupt presidential activities. None of them seem to be flattering.  Maybe domestic politics isn’t his strong suit either.

There must be something the Trump-enator, is good at. Almost half the people who voted in the last election, voted for him!! The guy must have some ability that would make you want him to be your leader. I can give you very little; he does know how to send a ‘twitter’ message but can’t spell worth a crap. It is also hard to ascertain what he means most of the time. He was a second-rate reality star with bad ratings, although they were better than the ones his press conferences get, is that his talent? Did the Americans make him the president because he was on television? Was he elected because he would be good entertainment? Did they expect the circus to actually be a circus??  Did they actually want him to set up tents on the White House lawn, and have a political rally for his own purposes? Who is paying for that??

His mouth moves faster than his tiny brain, and that does make for some priceless sound-bytes. “It will disappear like magic,” and “People have to ask nicely if they want the government’s ventilators,” or “… kills 100% of the virus, maybe we could inject it into people as a treatment… We’re looking into that right…” Don’t cover your face Deborah… you work for this guy!! These are the plus moments of this President. The moments where the P.T. Barnum comes out in him for every person to see… “I draw your attention to the second ring… and behold as if by magic… QAnon and their dark secret underground…”

I wonder if he knows that a tariff on Canadian raw aluminum will make his hats cost more?









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