One Giant Step Backwards

In Canada, as it is around the world, public health officials are leading the fight to keep us safe. They are not offering the cure, but giving us once again, the information we need to avoid getting sick and how to avoid making others sick. It’s nothing new. We were taught about it in school at an early age in our health classes, and it was re-enforced whenever cold and flu season hit. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and keep distance from others. Their advice is simple and doesn’t cost anything. The best way to avoid serious health complications and possible death, is not to get the virus! Think people… We know this stuff!!

Personal space may have become an important thing right now, but it has always been a thing. It is being referred to as social or physical distancing today, but ‘my space’ has always been there. The fact that it is invisible doesn’t matter, don’t get up in my face and expect me to react pleasantly! I didn’t require a killer-virus to make me feel that way, it’s the way its always been!! Don’t lean in to whisper to me… I’ll slap your face!!!

Health-care professionals are telling every person around the world to give two metres (6 ft) of space between people, in order to prevent the airborne transmission of this virus. This is not new; they’ve been telling us this for twenty years. You don’t think that they pulled six feet of separation out of their ass when COVID-19 appeared, do you? You don’t think that all the scientists in the world had a conference call on March 1st and decided six feet sounded about right, so “let’s go with that”. Do you?? This is science baby!!! They aren’t guessing!!

No doubt, some group of scientists were given a grant to study people’s speech-spit two decades ago. Don’t you remember seeing the news article on television? The one that said that the taxpayer had given some research centre 3 million to do a study. Don’t you remember ridiculing the government, when it was announced. “Who cares?!! Lower my taxes and stop wasting my money!!!” Don’t you remember screaming this at the television??? Don’t you remember your outrage at the government’s frivolous spending of tax-payer’s money?!! Well, right about now, it seems like a bargain to me.

Science is leading the way against COVID-19 around the world. Even the politicians are being forced to listen, at least to some extent. The best thing that any of us can do for the next 90 days is to tune out the politicians and listen to your Public Health officials. The politicians don’t know jack!!! Their opinion doesn’t matter at this moment in time. You are best served listening to healthcare professionals, if you wish to stay healthy. They are currently offering the best option when they tell us to wash our hands with soap, stay home as much as possible and if you must go out, maintain a physical distance of two-metres between you and others.

This is not the cure but sound advice. The health community has always given us sound advice on how to stay well. It’s time we listened. Physical space, along with personal hygiene, have been the foundation for decease control forever. You don’t need to wear a mask to avoid catching COVID-19… Just take one giant step backwards!!!








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