Am I The Only One That…

Am I the only one that thinks the American’s are resembling the Three Stooges more and more every day? Their three levels of government are the Larry, Moe and Curly of the modern world. The leader is a bizarre mix of P.T. Barnum, the self-promoter who figured that you didn’t have to fool them all, just enough of them, and Joseph Stalin, whose approach to leading was ‘his way or the gulag’. He will go down in the chronicles of history as the person who gave us such winning terms as, “fake news” and “alternate facts.” He is the American Moe, the guy who wasn’t the smartest in the room, but he was smarter than the other two.

Am I the only one that thinks that the lever on the left of a vehicles steering column is there for a reason? The turn signal is the most under-used safety feature in cars and trucks! What is wrong with you people?? I’m not a mind-reader!! How am I supposed to know you want to make a left-hand turn from the far-right lane, if you don’t tell me!!! I’m afraid that one day I’m going to hit the horn on the steering wheel so hard, I’ll make the airbag deploy!! Turn signal… use it!!!

Am I the only one that thinks that there is a long way to go to address climate change? North American’s are the worst polluters in the world. We invented plastic! Our carbon emissions are choking the planet and while the people that run our countries argue over the very existence of climate change, we continue to do things as we always have. Change starts with each one of us, we should not be waiting for the government to tells us how, we should take the steps we can. Think about this every time you throw out a plastic straw.

Am I the only one that thinks that social media has created an entire civilization of distracted people? Society, en-masse, has only one eye on the ball! Walking, driving, eating, socializing, the need to be connected has got all of us distracted. One eye on the fork and one on the phone! We’re not paying attention to where we are! Sure, we think we are but… the welt on your forehead tells a different story.

Am I the only one that would like to find the person that invented the ‘selfie’, and strangle them? To me it has become one of today’s most annoying habits. Why do people take selfies? Don’t they know their arms aren’t long enough to get a really good picture? Their heads are always three sizes too big!!! And what is wrong with living in the moment, and sharing later??? They send this to their people, real and imagined, so they can what?? Taunt them?? Show them how fab they are?? What is the reason? I know there’s one, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Am I the only one that thinks that wearing sandals is better than wearing snow boots? I know I’m Canadian, but snow really sucks!! Just ask a Newfoundlander this week!! I would rather rake sand than shovel snow. Both would give me a heart-attack, but at least I would be warm! Having to wear boots just to avoid hypothermia, is no fun! Give me a pair of sandals any day.

Am I the only one that thinks I should stop writing and start packing? The time has come for our annual sojourn to the DR. There was a time when the packing would already be complete, all but one bag packed and weighed. With ten days left to departure, we just removed the luggage from storage. There is no sense of urgency yet, that will come in about four days. Travelling south has become part of a routine and no longer has the same effect on our psyche. Honey is organized, thorough, and well-seasoned in travel-packing. She has a list of things to be packed the day before we leave that are currently scattered around the house. They will be assembled in minutes and put in a bag at the last moment. There was a time when my toothbrush was on the dining table for a week, just so she knew where it was and wouldn’t forget to pack it. Those worries are now gone. We’ve learned that anything we might forget, is available in a Dominican version. Just call Amazon Rueban.

Adios for now amigos, some of you I will see soon, and the rest of you will have to wait to hear from me until I am at The Playa, and feel like sharing. Don’t let it be a distraction.




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    Bon Voyage! Via con Dios!

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