My ‘X’ Got Me What?

If you were to take four ordinary citizens and put them in one of those ‘Escape Rooms’ that have become all the rage, they would work together and get out of the room, then head to the bar to celebrate their success. If I were to put four politicians into the same predicament, they would simply argue about whose way of escape is the right one, and they would still be in the damn room!

Why is that? They can see the problem (We’re locked in a room). They just can’t seem to stop talking about whose strategy is the best to solve the problem (It would be best if we…). Their mouths won’t stop long enough for their hands to get moving. I don’t care whose idea is best, I just want to see some progress!!

In Canada we have just had an election. The incumbent Liberal party won enough seats to remain in power and govern our country. But unlike the last five years, where they were a majority government and in essence had ‘carte blanc’ to rule as they saw fit, this election the country put a leash on them. Electing just enough of them to form a minority government.

Why did this happen? One reason was because the world’s environment is a mess. Canadians know this. We’re not idiots! We know we need to change the way we do things to have any hope of having positive effect on the environment. We know we need to do our part to help remedy the situation. We elected a Liberal majority government five years ago because they campaigned on the need for that environmental change. Once elected they gave us something called ‘The Carbon Tax’!! I don’t remember that being part of their campaign platform!! I remember, “We will do our part to address climate change… honour the Paris Accord and meet our reduction targets…” That was it. No one ever mentioned the word “tax” during that campaign!!! Its why they earned a leash this time!!

I’m old enough to know that a minority government is ineffective. The differences in ideology’s will inevitably be far too great for any progress to be accomplished. They will argue over the smallest of details to the point of inactivity and when nothing gets done, they will blame the other. Basically, a minority government means that the politicians will be campaigning the whole time they are supposed to be ruling the country. Priming the electorate for an election that has not yet been called.

The sad part for me, is that a minority government has the greatest potential to actually get something done. It presents the same option as the scenario above does for the ordinary citizen, the opportunity to cooperate for the betterment of all. Will that happen? Not a hope in hell!! They will continue to argue over whose plan is best and, in the end, we will go back to the polls when the governing party gets overthrown on a non-confidence vote in the House. Wait and see, two years from now I will again be marking an ‘X’ on another ballot.

So, we have an election and the end result is an undefined government. People are unhappy. The western provinces are grumbling about separating from the rest of the country (They call the movement ‘Wexit’, which I thought was very original😉). This is not something new in this country, Quebec has been trying to separate for as long as I can remember. (Their movement always has the word ‘Quebecois’ attached to it, also very original😉). The point is to do away with any influence from a federal governing body. To what end I still don’t quite understand. As I mentioned, it has been going on in this country for the last half-century and nothing has changed.

The problem that Canada faces with its elected officials is no different then those of most countries. I swear we keep electing clones! The same inefficient people as the last time. Sure, they appear to be different but that is just a phoney façade. Once they get into power, they will do what the last government did… raise my taxes, then do nothing!! This has been the way since the Sherriff of Nottingham was in charge!

We’ve done it over and over again. We elect someone, only to get disappointed. A politician’s inability to play well with others, only ends up costing the ordinary citizen more. Not just monetarily, but also in sheer frustration we all feel having to listen to their crap! They need to stop campaigning and start governing. All of them… governing party and opposition! I just want them to stop flapping their gums for a few years and do something!!

Preferably not something that involves raising my taxes!!!









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