Time To Take The ‘Twit’ Out Of ‘Twitter’

I am not one of those people that reads the paper everyday, trolls internet news websites and has CNN turned on at all times. I know people like this, but I am not one of them. I watch an hour of news during the week, the half hour Canadian National broadcast followed by the half hour US National broadcast. I used to just watch the US broadcast for its entertainment value, but with all the clamouring about “fake news”, I thought I should check another source and verify what I was seeing from the US news, and sure enough, I wasn’t watching the ‘Fake News’… Donald Trump really is the President of the United States!!

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that every country in the world is in the midst of political upheaval. Sure, there is usually at least one country having issues within their borders, but 2019 has been a banner year for shear volume. Whether it is protests in Russia and China, countries not known for being protester-friendly, or the unorthodox change in leadership in places like Britain and Italy or just the mud-slinging commentary of the pending elections in North America, there is much-ado going on out there!! More than normal!!!

I don’t particularly care for politics. It’s a mess no matter where I look. The mere mention of it in conversation, is an “argument waiting to happen”. I would be hard pressed to find a country where all the people are happy with their current situation. Yes, there will always be complaints from someone when it comes to leadership, that is a side-effect of all political systems. Ideologies clash all the time.

But what I am finding recently, is that the internal political conflicts in one country are starting to spill into other countries. Thanks to social media, people in one country are seeing up-close what is going on in another and they are saying, ‘if they can do it, so can we’. Hello Boris Johnson.

Gone are the days when leaders knew enough to keep their mouth’s shut and understood that a secret was only a secret… if you didn’t tell anybody!!! It’s okay to think anyway you want… just keep it to yourself!!! Currently though, the leaders of all countries have been infected with diarrhea of the mouth. These are stupid people, who let their mouth’s say things long before their brains have processed any ramifications of those words. Both Johnson and Trump suffer from impulse control issues. Even Putin can’t stop himself from uttering things that he should keep to himself. He wasn’t like that before; he has become infected by the rest of them.

I think that all this current global openness of world leaders is one of the few things that Donald Trump can take sole credit for, because world leaders weren’t using ‘Twitter’ before Trump arrived. The era of ‘if he can say stupid things, so can I’, is now upon us. I for one, am not sure that this is a good thing. About the only thing this appears to being doing is showing the general public just how insane their leaders are!

I used to consider leaders, even those I was not a supporter of, as being wise. People that thought about the ‘Big Picture’. People that had the ability to do what was best for their nation and its people, and still be part of the bigger global community. People that you could look at for stability. People that knew how to communicate with others and achieve results that helped the future. Nation’s selected their leaders, in most cases, because they exhibited this kind of trait. Someone you could look up to.

Social media has now created a whole new kind of leader. One that is impulsive and thinks little about their actions. One that causes rifts in other countries, not just their own, by speaking or messaging first before they think. Now even Greenland is pissed off!!!

This lack of maturity is reminiscent of passing notes under the desk in grade four! “Gina says she likes you” followed by a second note, “Gina thinks you’re funny” followed by a third, “Gina hates your guts”. I hadn’t even replied to the first message! I didn’t even know who Gina was until I got the notes! Life was better not knowing what Gina thinks! Life was better thinking that leaders were wise and could work together for the betterment of Mankind. Even if this was never the case, I liked to think that way.

Seeing what these leaders are doing now and the way they behave, is showing all of us that they have the mentality of grade-school adolescents.  I think that ‘Twitter’ should suspend all accounts of politicians around the world, make them earn the public trust by their actions and accomplishments, not what they say about ‘Gina’. Because this new age note passing is not helping me sleep better at night.







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    Gina doesn’t exist. Only the Internet exists (oh … right … now its the whole social network that exists … sorry about that) … Anyway, whatever it is, it will go on forever. No sir … we’ve just got to accept the reality of it. Gina never liked us or thought we were funny or even hated our guts–and it isn’t strange that we didn’t even know who she was. That’s because she wasn’t, isn’t and never will be.

    But the notes that our insane leaders pass us? Well now, the notes are another story altogether. Like you say, they are the sound of one hand applauding itself, the meaningless noise of an idiot who thinks someone gives a shit. Stick to your one hour of news a week. You’ll stay saner longer.

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