Christmas Finally Arrives

Honey tells me the whole thing began a week or two before Thanksgiving. It actually started when I finally fulfilled a promise made two years ago, and had the picture window in the kitchen replaced. The seals were gone and the space between the panes had developed permanent condensation and you couldn’t see through it. So, in truth, the whole thing began in August when Honey found a contractor and ordered the window.

The window would take six weeks or more to arrive and it was a week or two before Thanksgiving when work began on Honey’s winter project. When it comes to winter project’s I am always consulted on what will take place.

“If we’re going to replace the window, I’m going to re-do the kitchen,” she says to me. Was there a question there? “I want to blah, blah, blah… what do you think?” Ah… the question! Before I can say a word she blurts, “It’ll be done by Christmas!” My DIY diva does not lack confidence.

“Okay,” is the only reply I can give when it comes to the winter project.

This is a big-ticket reno and Honey spends the time while waiting for the window to arrive getting her design together, picking colours and flooring and starts ordering knobs and hinges. Boxes start arriving from Amazon and Way Fair and combined with the articles destined for The Playa, my house looked like a warehouse. Honey cracked the first can of paint at the beginning of October and I got out my tools of mass destruction and did the demo…

I have written about me experiences but until this moment you have not seen any pictures of the project. This is because Honey told me that I couldn’t show anything until the kitchen was complete. So below is a bit of chronology in pictures of what has transpired in my house because Christmas has finally arrived.

What it started as… October
primer goes on
old cupboards get primed
Demo Seating- October



Window goes in- October
old cabinets primed and painting begins- November
construction of new lower cupboards begin- November
one set of cupboards done- November

At this point I should say that it is late November and the original completion date has been pushed back a bit. To her credit Honey got much further along than I expected. There were many setbacks including me having to “fire” one of ‘my guys’ because he was driving Honey to have homicidal thoughts. I had to sit him down and break the news that his help was not wanted. He went away dejected… there was some fence mending to do later.

We’re going to need those tables for Christmas dinner- December
The basement workroom- December
New flooring goes down- December
New hardware installed and lots more painting- January
Reno takes a holiday- February disappears on The Playa


Cupboards get finished- March
Ready for counter-top- March


New counter gets installed- April
Easter Dinner- April
Almost there… one more thing to do… -May
Minor setback. It seems there is no bracing for the very heavy breakfast bar.- May


So finally here we are… Honey’s winter project is complete…

The ‘Pilate’ fan
Live-edge Acacia breakfast bar








New floor and cupboards
New storage, electrical and an under-mount sink








New window coverings, cupboard colours and hardware
Subway tile back-splash









Honey’s New DIY Kitchen
June 2019

Aside from the counter-top and sink installation, all other construction was done by Honey with help from IT Genie. This house is 70 years-old and has been built from the ground up by the same family since the foundation was dug, including this renovation. Honey’s grandfather was the original architect and workman, and his grand-daughter and great-grandson have continued this family tradition. Re-shaping his work, with care, respect and love.

I hope the next winter’s project is hibernation.






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    By the way, seeing as you are so handy with renos, I was wondering if maybe you could give me a hand re-doing our bathroom. It shouldn’t take more than 3 days tops.

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      jjj… that’s Spanish for lol… Thanks, I’ll pass your offer to Honey but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

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