Never Finished

Never finished… that’s where life stands right now. Everything needs a little piece of me and ultimately nothing ever gets finished. I have eight paragraphs of writing completed, none actually related to the others but I have nothing finished that I can share with you, my loyal reader. This is the only excuse I can give you for my absence on this site.

Nothing gets finished in my life. There always seems to be one more thing. The kitchen is the perfect example. Countertop was installed and after a week of talking like a sailor, Honey finished the tile backsplash. All that appeared to be done was to place the brackets for the slab of live-edge wood that would be the breakfast/coffee bar, and the project would be done.

Hold on cowboy!! You said nothing is ever finished!! A search for studs that were wide enough to mount the ornate iron brackets Honey had purchased proved fruitless. I had to tear out a 5 ft x 3 ft chunk of the wall to add support so the brackets had something to screw into!!! There’s a big-assed hole under the window waiting to be patched!

The shelf that was meant to hold the micro-wave had the same problem, no studs to support it. Every stud but one was inaccessible or too thin and were useless. This dilemma has now led to the need to change one of the newly-constructed cabinets so that there is a shelf for the microwave to sit on. Honey made it perfectly clear that the oven WAS NOT going to sit on her new countertop. Which means that the project is not done yet. It probably won’t be until the fall because spring has sprung and gardening season is here.

For Honey that means flowers in her gardens and dirt on her knees. She moans about how much work it is but she can never seem to completely remove the smile on her face when she does. Working in her gardens brings out the true happy in Honey. For me spring means one thing… grass cutting.

It started two weeks ago, that is when the neighbour who rarely cuts his grass, did so. Now with the only uncut lawn in the ‘hood, I was forced by embarrassment, to get the ride-on mower out, clean it up and get it started. I pulled it out of the shed and removed the front tire that was flat and needed to get to air-pump with some humph. My tire compressor has no where near the humph required to do the job and since I needed gas as well, off to the station I go.

Tire aired and re-installed, mower fueled, I turn the key… one turn and done. Battery is dead. I get out my charger and discover one of the clips that attaches to the battery posts is gone. All I have is a wire hanging at the end of a box. Undaunted I wrap the wire to the battery post, attach the clip that is still attached to the other post and plug it in. No sparks… No fire… No idea if it is working… grass cutting will need to wait.

The next day the mower fired up and the 2019 grass cutting season began. I have a large area to cut, grass weaves in and out of gardens and trees. Cutting requires many turns and reverses to get everywhere the mower needs to go. After many years of mowing, I have developed a pattern that I use to make the job go faster, kind of a route.

About a half-hour into the season-opening cut, I noticed that the steering wheel appeared to be slipping every time I turned right. Ten minutes later I had lost the ability to get the mower to turn right. The wheel just spun in my hand! I could turn left but right was not happening. My entire route to lawn cutting is to the right!! I can tell you that making a right turn with a left turning only machine is a bear! Forward left… backward left… forward left… backward left… Ten minutes later I got the ride-on back to the shed and got out the push mower. Job took an extra hour.

With the weather improving both the amount of construction and traffic on the Trans-Canada highway has increased. I have always had a respect for the long-haul driver. I have viewed them as road-tested and safety-conscious individuals. Over the past few years I have seen a change in these drivers. Yes, the old dogs are still out there but now there is a new guard that lacks the experience to drive a 60-tonne missile. They are becoming more reckless on the road, unable to judge weight, length and speed against a 45kph cross-wind. They are millennial driver’s, and believe the laws of physics do not apply to them.

A week ago, I witnessed to semi drivers turn on to the Trans-Canada from side roads. Both of them were using feeder lanes which they both entered at high speed. The first truck was in front of me and wanted to stay that way on the Trans-Canada. I watched as the right side of his 60ft truck left the ground and teetered on its left wheels. As luck would have it, he had entered a wooded area that was effectively blocked the wind and a second later the truck corrected itself and continued along its route. The driver no doubt thinking himself a super-hero for saving his truck… moron!

The second was not so lucky. He took the same turn going the opposite direction and, in an effort, to stay in front of the oncoming traffic did so too fast. Physics took over and with the aid of the 45kph wind, the truck was pushed right over on its left side. It took a second! It slid to a halt, effectively closing down the northern highway for five hours. No injuries, just stupidity!!

So, there you go, life unfinished. Reno continues, grass is growing and there are even more idiots on our nation’s highways… it’s never over.









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    Somebody once told me that there will always be something waiting to get done. Not true. I promise you: eventually, your in-basket will be empty. Just give it time.

    In the 60s, we went on and on about living in the here and now. Well, I live in the here and now. The is nothing left in my in-basket. It’s not so bad actually. I quite enjoy it. If I don’t get the job done, who cares?

    Well, you ask: if there is nothing left in your in-basket, how can there be a job to get done? That`s just it. I do the jobs I can get completed right now. They never make it to my in-basket.

    I, like you, enjoy walking along the beach. I love the feel of naked sand on my naked feet.

    Be here now. You’re almost there.

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