Driving home one day down the Trans-Canada Highway, I got to thinking about ancestry. Where I came from, and where they came from, and I realized that I didn’t really have much knowledge of my family history. Sure, I have memory of a couple of family anecdotes about some distant cousin that was someone famous or did something noteworthy, but we all have that cousin somewhere in our family tree.

Honey for example has a bloodline that crosses that of Charles Best (insulin) and I am related to the guy that had a parcel of land taken from him for not paying his taxes (the Empire State building is built on that land). We all seem to have someone on a branch. But aside from the story, I could not even begin to tell you how I was related to them.

Grandma used to explain it to me but I had the attention span of a five-year old because, well… I was 5-years old. “That is was your 3rd cousin’s wife’s father who… blah, blah, blah.” I only asked what she was looking at! “Some pictures,” would have been fine but Grandma’s always want to give you the long version. I wasn’t looking for a long explanation! I was just being polite!! I was five!!! But Grandma would break down the genealogy of whom begot whom, until mom married dad and I was begot. More information than any 5-year old can absorb at one sitting, so I have no clue how I am related to the poor sap that lost a chunk of prime real estate, only that I am.

For myself I can only go back to one great-grandmother before my ancestral story ends. Truthfully, I’m okay with that. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I don’t care enough. Ordering a spit-kit to find out which parts of Europe my DNA says I’m from, really doesn’t matter. Their can only be a few long-lost heirs to the throne of some long-lost empire, I doubt I’m one of them.

Since I am not from a family of huggers, the story of my heritage has never been passed down to any great extent. Honey on the other hand has MIL, and MIL is the keeper of the knowledge and she has been feeding Honey a steady diet of whom was begetting whom on her family tree until she was begotten. This information Honey has been trying to pass on to IT Genie and Bull but let’s be honest, they are men and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds before their eyes glaze over and any information Honey has conveyed has been lost. (Same look I gave my grandmother… must be hereditary.)

Roots make the tree. No roots… no tree. So, we all have roots. We all started somewhere and our bloodline has tracked down the millennia. Where was the beginning? Where did we all start? (Oh, oh… better tread lightly.) It had to start somewhere. Whether you lean towards Apples and Gardens or monkey love, we all started somewhere. When I think of this, I am always confronted with the same questions, just how closely related are we all?

I am not a learned man and I do not pretend to be; I don’t really have any kind of answer to my question. I’m not sure how the begetting began, I only know that it did start somewhere. That is the only truth I can give you. No DNA test is going to give you anymore information beyond recorded history and even though that will give you more of a story, it will never tell you where you truly are begotten from.

Religion has one version and Science has another. I will not dispute either, believe what you want. The one thing they tell me is that in the beginning there were not too many people. So, when the begotten began, and little begotten were created, and they grew and started begetting themselves, well, exactly how far from the ‘stupid’ tree are we at this point? This might explain why it took us so long to move out of the cave.

But we did leave the caves and we did as a species, venture forth. You can guarantee that there was begetting all along the way. One thing is a certain, humankind figured out the begetting process quickly, the survival of the species depended on it. Eventually, over time I suppose, enough 5th cousins had been begot-ed that civilization could begin and move forward towards today. Forward, all the way currently to the begetting of my grandchildren.

The stories from Grandma are getting lost and like our bloodline, thinned to the point of obscurity. Using a spit-kit can help you retrieve the information but only to a certain point. The original story is long gone. Now we explore the caves where much of the begetting took place to find the answers of our heritage and the age-old question of the beginning.  Digging to discover where all the begetting began.

I doubt that an answer will ever truly be discovered. All indications point to a small moment in time and with a small group of the species. Logic tells me that this means all of humankind share an inter-relational heritage. We are all brothers and sisters. We all have a common thread, a bloodline long diluted. We share the same root. We all come from the same beginning, whatever that may be, and it does not matter what our differences are now… we are all family.








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