Life is Crazy

Isn’t it all crazy? What you ask? Life… Life is crazy… the world is crazy… everything is crazy!! I know it’s always been this way but I can usually find something to hang onto that isn’t crazy. But crazy is everywhere! It is invading every layer of my life! Yes, I know I’m ranting on senselessly, so let me break it down for you. Understand that this is just my uneducated opinion and has no value beyond entertainment.

Let’s start with the big picture. Mueller… Brexit… Border security… political misconduct… school lockdowns… terrorism in the streets… it’s a nasty-ass mess out there.

Rock said to me earlier this year at The Playa, “Who would have thought that the leader of free world would ever be the chancellor of Germany.” He’s right!! The Germans currently have the most stable government of anybody!! In the last century their country has risen to the top 3 times!!! Hmmm… I realize that times are different and we are unlikely to see a III-peat but thanks to Brexit and Trump the Germans are probably the most influential country in the world. Oh sure, I’ll bet they still have potholes on their city streets but damn… they must be doing something right.

We have entered a time when we are seeing children killing children. We are seeing disgruntled young adults taking their misguided rage into the schools, malls and theaters. What is wrong with this picture??? What happened to the time when we thought that every teenager would get an Atari and never come out of their mom’s basement? What is making these young people behave in such a violent manner? Social media and the internet? Video games and Rap music? Right-wing radical extremists and Left-wing radical extremists? Sure, maybe… but I think these things are only fuel to a fire, they are not the cause of the fire. I believe the fire is started by the same thing in all of us, it is the spark that starts us all on a road to something. The above-mentioned influences and many more not mentioned, are merely the fuel that burns. Outside influences make our fire what it is, but they did not start it. The fire is started in all of us the same way… puberty.

Speaking of puberty… I think the best way for P.T. Barnum to avoid prison time would be for him to make a deal with Mike Pense to pardon him and step down before his term in office ends. I also think that Justin Trudeau should weather the current storm of political corruption and scandal and run for re-election. Let the people decide, he still looks young. I also think, Elizabeth May doesn’t.

Moving on… My job has become complicated because of changes in the personnel of the power structure. My job itself has not changed, since I preform the lowliest of tasks. I’m not the decision maker, I don’t hire and fire, I am simply the guy that sells our goods to the stores, that sell those goods to the consumer… so the bills get paid!

I know I preform a crucial function in my company and my job is as secure as any, but when structural changes start to happen above your head, you have to always be looking for the occasional falling brick. Corporate re-structuring happens all the time in large companies. New person takes over and they want to make their mark, so changes are inevitable. Some people are moved up or over and some are shown the door. This has been happening in my company for the last two years, since the retirement of the reigning president. The trickle-down effect hit my shores early in the year while I was sitting at The Playa, old ‘big-guy’ out, new ‘big-guy’ in. This of course, has made for an unsettled boss as she adapts to the change in message coming her way. “The way we did it yesterday is no longer the way we do it today.”

I’ve been to this rodeo before and honestly knew it was coming, I was just hoping it would hold off for two more years. That way I would be saying “Adios” before I would have to re-adapt to someone else’s vision one more time. I have been through 5 presidents, 7 area vice-presidents, 6 ‘big-guys’ and 18 ‘bosses’. I don’t mean any gender bias by the term ‘big-guy’, I just think using the term ‘big-girls’ or ‘big-gals’ is froth with danger. I have had big-bosses of different genders and ethnic/religious backgrounds, it doesn’t matter to me, you do your job and I’ll do mine, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

I know that my job is to do it their way, and for two more years I will do as I’m told just to get along. These new ‘biggies’ are molding the future of a company, that I’ve been a part of for more than 30 years, into something new. If all goes well it will flourish. I’m not part of that change, my time is over and I’m quite alright with that. I’ve helped get us this far and have been paid for my effort. It is their time to continue to build the company and if they don’t screw things up, I will continue to be paid a monthly stipend the rest of my life via my pension.

It’s hard to put my trust in Millennials but I’ve got plans and since change is inevitable, I know I can manage for the next 25 months and 11 days. I’m not so sure about my boss. This is her first rodeo and at 25, I’m worried the stress she’s feeling may give her a heart-attack. It is her level that is currently under re-structuring and she’s feeling the pressure of change. I would rather not have to deal with a change in immediate superior before my retirement to The Playa, but I fear that it is inevitable. There are only three directions to go when you are a boss… up… over… or out.

Speaking of my other job… The Playa, it is swallowing up around 10 hours a week of my time. There is always something happening. New reservations, cancellations, arrivals and departures, all requiring my attention on a daily basis. If it continues to be this way, I think it will make a great retirement job even if it doesn’t pay much. At present though it does add to my already hectic work schedule, they have even overlapped, where I have had to take my laptop to work with me to stay in touch with Wendy. I park outside the local “Tim Horton’s” coffee shop so I can steal their wifi. It’s not technically stealing, since the sign on the door says “free wifi” and I am drinking their coffee… most of the time.

The growth and success of The Playa has been nothing short of outstanding. Wendy’s way with the customers has led to great reviews and an average review score above 9 on all the different booking sites. The Playa Paraiso en Magante was given an award in 2018 by for having one of the highest rated reviewing averages on their website. People are finding The Playa and loving it.

Finally… We are officially on a ‘kitchen intermission’. The countertops were installed on Monday and the plumbing on Tuesday. All the cabinets got finished the week prior and the workshop in the basement has been dismantled and cleaned-up… somewhat. There is still the tile back-splash, breakfast bar and shelving to be done but that can wait a week or two, Honey needs to heal. For now, things have been put into their new homes and the kitchen is ready to be used for Easter dinner on Sunday.

Unlike Christmas there will be no decorative countertop. Gone for good is the red table cloth with pictures of snow-covered Christmas trees and reindeer that covered our make-shift plywood counters since December. Honey threw it in the trash with ceremony on Thursday. The china will look very different sitting on the black granite countertop

Is Honey happy with the results of her labour to date? The way she was hugging the counters, then giggling like a school girl, makes me think so. The room, even not quite complete, is a stark contrast to what it previously was. The granite countertops instantly changed the look of the room but from my point-of-view the biggest change took place with the new sink.

When I removed the old sink for the last time, I also removed a large piece of the drain pipe below the drain-trap. The drain-trap is the curved piece of pipe right under your sink. Until this point, I had only removed the sink above the trap. There was a very thick layer of crud in the pipe. The space that allowed the water to drain from the sink was maybe the size of a nickel. I thought I could scrape away the crud with a very long screwdriver. I pushed the driver down into the crud… The crud ate the screwdriver! It was 10” long!! It disappeared into the crud!!!

We’ve always had drainage problems. We’ve dumped plenty of drain remedies into the pipes in an effort to improve the speed in which the sink emptied. But let’s be honest, this house is 70 years-old and that means there is 70 years worth of God knows what in that pipe. On the Tuesday when the plumber arrived to install the plumbing for the sink, he also replaced the entire drain pipe, right to the sewer line in the basement. He told Honey that at spots the hole for water to get through was smaller than the size of a dime.

The countertops may be nice and create an ambiance but the best part of the kitchen is that new drain pipe. Before when you opened the drain in the kitchen it would take minutes to empty. Now it takes seconds! What was a trickle of water going down the drain, is now a torrent! The water rushes for that drain hole, you can hear it in other rooms in the house!! It gets sucked into that massive void and is gone in a moment. I hugged the pipe and giggled like a school girl.

There you have the craziness of life as I’m seeing it. It’s multi-layered and always changing. Things happen around me and to me and before I can get one thought down on paper, another has entered my head. So that’s my excuse for leaving you, my loyal reader, out on a limb without your regular fix of… “Oh my goodness… I’m glad I’m not him.”






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    Hang in there, my friend. You’re almost there!

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