Back Again

On Friday I stood outside at 1am in a temperature of -41C, by 5pm that same day the temperature was +28C. Something had definitely changed. No, it was not a bizarre freak of nature, the change was where I was standing. By Friday evening I was standing on the beach at the Playa Magante and my life in general felt better and a whole lot warmer.


Being at The Playa does not only give me an external warmth, but an internal warmth as well. I just love being here. I know that not everyone would feel like I do but that’s their problem not mine. The positive energy I receive from this place is something that I truly appreciate. The people, whom I consider my friends, the animals, that are always glad to see me as if I had only been here yesterday, even the nasty road I travel to get here (Ginger hates that I call it nasty), makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


I have written before about ‘comfortable things’ and how we all have things that make us feel good. Possessions that we own, clothes that have become threadbare but we hang onto because they give us a feeling of comfort when we put them on. The Playa for me is a comfortable thing. It has a familiarity that gives me an internal warmth when I am here.


The people that call the Playa home seem to accept me, even though the see me only once a year and I still can’t say more than a few words in their native tongue. I have been adding words to my Spanish repertoire through online communication with Wendy, the only down-side to this is that they are written and when I try to speak these words, I lack the proper pronunciation. Therefore, when I used the word “para”, which means ‘for’, it came out sounding more like “pero”, which Ginger informed me refers to a rabid bitch dog. I definitely need to work on this.


One of the things that helps make the Playa comfortable for me, is that the people are the same ones that were here a decade ago when I first came here. Many had been discarded by Captain Ahole but Wendy has re-employed them all, and even Carmelo is back, coming out of the darkness with my morning coffee.


I don’t mind change. I accept it as inevitable, I am too old to think things always stay as they were.  Life evolves with every spin of the planet and I believe that is how it should be. But it is comforting that change is not so rapid that it would make a place like the Playa unfamiliar, because if I was looking for unfamiliar, I would go some place different.








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    I have been checking every day, expecting to read your blog from warmer environs. Now you are there. I don’t know what I expected you to write in your blog. But I love what I just read. Enjoy your morning coffee.

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