This Is Great Again?

   I have written twice about the ongoing drama south of the border. I have published neither article. Mostly because even though I am mostly pointing out the flaws in the current US administration (the Trump camp), the Democrats who oppose him are becoming just as bad. It is like watching little children fighting over who mom loves best.


Eight hundred thousand government workers have not received a paycheck from their employers in thirty days! Real people with real problems, living paycheck to paycheck like the majority of Americans. Some are locked out of their jobs and some must still report to work for no compensation. The people responsible for these essential services unable to even look for other sources of income. They are all ready visiting food banks and depleting their savings daily. These people are hurting.


  The stalemate is over funding for a southern border wall. Government workers in Maine and Oregon are not being paid because the president of their country wants a monolithic wall separating their southern border from Central America! That’s right, “The land of the free”, according to Trump, requires a 5.7 billion-dollar wall! Trump claims that border security is his most important priority and that building a wall to separate the United States from Mexico is necessary. So necessary that he refuses to sign off on a spending bill, that would put the people working for his company (currently the federal government of The United States) back to work, all because it does not include $5,700,000,000 specifically for his wall. ‘No wall… No paychecks,’ is his stance.


On the other side, the newly empowered Democratic party lead congress is saying, ‘5.7 billion for a wall is never going to happen.’ They too would rather not agree to funding a wall specifically than see this stalemate end. They offered up more money for ‘border security’ before this all began but when Trump refused because it wasn’t enough, they reduced the offer and let him turn the lights off in the offices. Recently, the congressional leadership sent Trump a letter suggesting the he postpone his ‘State of the Union’ address to the combined houses (Senate and Congress) over concerns about security. After all, no one responsible for security of the premises and the people inside were being paid for the job they were expected to do, they stated. Trump promptly cancelled government transport for a planned over-seas troop visit by the Democrats. The White House stated ‘that Democratic leadership’ needed to stay in Washington so they would be close to negotiate with him. Really??? Did he just restrict the safe free movement of American citizens???


  Meanwhile, companies like GM are announcing plant closures, putting more citizens out of work. The stock market, the bastion of all that is American, is yo-yoing up and down. Investors are confused about the future of the USA, they are not sure whether to stand pat with United States investments or get the hell out before it is too late. They have become ‘twitter’ followers in the hopes of figuring out what direction Trump will take the country next. Now that is a sound investment strategy, isn’t it? What else can they do? With a leader that continually opens his mouth and states that ‘Isis’ has been defeated, only to have them claim responsibility for an attack on a tourist hotel in Nairobi, that killed 16. Even if he tells the truth, how can anyone believe what he says? He continually makes things up on the fly to suit whatever facts he thinks he requires.


In two years, the majority of his cabinet have quit, been fired or been indicted. The vast majority of what was once considered his inner circle have referred to him as unstable, uninformed and willing to say anything to suit his purpose. He makes comments like “this is the best presidency the country has ever had”. Screw Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, they don’t even come close to the Trump presidency. This is what you get when you vote for a guy that you watch on television every week as part of a game show. I understand you wanted a change from the regular politician that you couldn’t trust but you do know that you watched the game show for the zany contestants and not for the pompous fool that showed up in the end to utter the catch phrase, “you’re fired.”


I get that the Americans needed a change from the same old politicians that they had been electing for years. Trump was a change, I could see that before he was elected. With the catch phrase, “Make America Great Again”, he stormed forth and won himself a job he was not quite qualified for. Enough citizens in just the right places bought into the rhetoric. In true P.T. Barnum fashion he promised the “Greatest Show on Earth”, while delivering on Barnum’s most famous quote, “There’s one (a sucker) born every minute”.  “Great” at all, let alone again, currently seems like a stretch to me.








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