The Correct Time Is…

There are not enough hours in a day.


That statement applies literally to the annual time change in the spring, the clock moves forward one hour and suddenly the day has only twenty-three hours. In the fall the reverse happens and suddenly the day has twenty-five hours. You would think that it would suck in the spring and be great in the fall. It makes perfect sense, right? In everyone’s world but mine.


The clock changed last weekend moving back an hour and Sunday, Nov 4th became a twenty-five-hour day. Under most circumstances I would be fine with this, but this year I have been providing holiday coverage for my assistant monkey and I did not have a day of rest and a chance to recalibrate my internal clock. I have worked for thirteen straight days, getting up everyday at my regular 3 am. But half way through this stretch they changed the time from Daylight to Standard time. I don’t wake up by using an alarm clock, my brain is a well-oiled, finely tuned, in sync with the universe, machine. I tell it what time I want it to rip open my eyelids and it complies. I’ve been waking up at two in the morning for a week!!!


“Time to get up for work,” my brain says.

“No, it’s not” I reply.

“You told me that today is a work day and that means it’s time to rise,” my brain insists.

“The time changed. I get to sleep for another hour! I told you that last night!”

“Yes, I remember but I thought you were joking.”

“I changed the time on the clock before I went to bed!!”

“That may be so but the only way I can confirm the new time is TO RIP YOUR EYES OPEN!!! NOW GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED, YOU HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!!”

The last seven days have gone like this! I’m exhausted!!


Adding to the additional demands of my job this week has been the on-going construction in what used to be my kitchen. I did my demo. The built-in seating is a thing of the past, as is the asbestos floor tiles. I’m proud to say that even though I was dressed like a character out of ‘Outbreak’ I broke the corner of only one tile. The other 163 I got out in one piece and lost five pounds from sweating in the process!


The project inches forward. The upper cabinets have been finished and are back in use and there is a plywood counter-top that is being held in place by the temporarily re-attached sink (another bit of my handy-work). Some boxes have been emptied and passage through the dining-room to the living-room has been re-established. You would think that it would make life easier but this week I am so confused by this time change that I keep going to the dining-room to look for a drinking glass, that are back in the cupboard right in front of my face!


Now that destruction is done, I am out of the picture. I hole up in the office and only enter the construction zone when I am called upon to move something heavy. This is not a problem for me because Honey and I bicker every time we try to work together on a project. She’s a control-freak!! And I’m a Taurus!!! We have learned over 37 years together that if we want to get something accomplished, we do it separately. She thought she would help me with the removing of the floor but I had not even removed the first tile when she was already questioning my technique. I glared her out of the room and sealed myself in alone.


This is not to say that Honey is not receiving assistance, both IT Genie (takes after his mother) and one of my-guys have been by to provide help. For the most part though it has been Honey. Honey priming, Honey painting, Honey sanding, Honey mounting new hardware and hanging cupboard doors. The woman is in a world of pain! Arms, shoulders, back and side are all aching at the end of each day. I feel bad for her but when I tried to offer some assistance with one of the newly re-finished cupboard doors, the woman pulled a screwdriver on me and told me to back off!! She’s fine with the other people helping, as far as she is concerned, they have knowledge and abilities that are useful to her reaching her final goal, but she has no such faith in my ability. Rightfully so I guess, I have managed to demonstrate my ineptitude on more than one occasion.


So, I stay holed-up in the office which you would think would give me plenty of time to get some writing done but that has not been the case. As soon as I turn on my lap-top I have messages relating to The Playa. New bookings, changed bookings and cancelled bookings, as well as different requests from the guests. Processing each of these takes time and focus. Something I seem to be in short supply of this week. As demonstrated by me inadvertently sending a guest a notice that I had cancelled their reservation when I was in the process of correcting an error with the booking. I forgot to tick the ‘Do Not Send E-mail’ box and I sent him into a panic, as well as his wife, that both sent me WTF inquiries.


The Playa has become what one might call “a growing concern.” That’s a North American term for ‘holy crap are we ever busy’! Compared to a year ago the occupancy rate in the cabanas is up 465%. We have already surpassed last years actual stays and we haven’t hit the high season yet! For the first six months this year (Apr- Sept) the occupancy rate has been at 65%, which means that two out of three cabanas have been rented every day since April. This is a big increase from last year when in the first six months we only rented one cabana 22 times. From my perspective this is outstanding.


I wrote once that I believed that with the right amount of promotion that the cabanas could fund the entire operation. I believed that there were people out there that wanted to come to an out-of-the-way secluded location regardless of how out-of-the-way it was and I appear to have been correct. Don’t be mistaken, nobody is getting rich off this tiny little enterprise but it does appear to be no longer bleeding money and Wendy, her family and the six other people from the community are earning enough to get by compliments of the cabanas. This for me, is a big win. I don’t get to be right too often.


So, work has been hectic, The Playa has been hectic and my kitchen has been hectic. Things around me have been hectic! I saw that writing this blog had fallen in the crack but things have been too hectic to bend down and pluck it out! The last two weeks have been hectic and right in the middle of it, they changed the time! The bi-annual time shift has always been a problem for me. My brain takes time to adjust to this man-made event.


“Whose stupid idea was this Daylight Savings Time?” my brain asks.

“I read once it was Benjamin Franklin,” I reply, “It was meant to save on candle wax.”

“Candle wax?? You haven’t lit a candle since your grandson’s birthday two months ago!!!”

“I know!! The whole concept is antiquated! Now shut-up and let me go back to sleep!”

“You can’t! It’s time to get up for work!” brain exclaims. “Look!!” Ripppppp!! “Oh… it’s an hour earlier than I thought… Sorry let me put that eyelid back.”















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    Congrats re: the DR. Good job, well done.

    Yes, the concept for Daylight Saving was Ben Franklin’s idea. He rose earlier and earlier each day as summer wore on so that he could do more work (or drinking and partying) done without using artificial light (wax candles I guess). He could see better in natural light.

    Re: your body reacting to the time change, remember …

    “Whatever was the reason,
    Whoever was to blame,
    Phil Anore, the kid next door,
    Thought time was just a game.”

    Hey, I’m just sayin’ …

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