You Know You’re a Dinosaur…

You know you’re a dinosaur…


When the senior discount applies to you.


When you hear people say, “years ago they used to…”, and they are referring to the decade after you were born!


When you drive your car 10 kph below the limit.


When you see a face that you recognize coming your way, and start to panic when you realize you don’t remember their name.


When you call everyone ‘buddy’, ‘pal’, or greet them with “Hey You…” because you can’t remember their name.


When you say the same thing two different ways


When you see a ‘drug’ advertisement and realize you have the symptoms and half the side-effects!


When you get in an elevator and realize that you just heard this song on your car radio.


When a co-worker apologizes for dropping an F-Bomb in front of you.


When your boss is younger than your children.


When your boss feels the need to explain everything so they can demonstrate what they learned in school.


When you need to explain the difference between a book and real life to your boss.


When you have more patience than those around you and less patience for those around you.


When you own a pair of socks that are only 15 years away from an appearance on the ‘Antique Roadshow’.


When you enjoy watching the ‘Antique Roadshow’!


When your children are phoning for advice on how to raise children.


When you start giving it!


When you no longer want to change the world, just survive it.


When you realize that worrying about the future isn’t worth the effort, it hasn’t got you anywhere so far.


When things become about comfort not luxury.


When your children start giving you advice about your future.


When you start taking it!!


When ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence,’ means you need to mow your side.


When you think life has become one big blur, then realize you don’t have your glasses on.


When you lose your glasses on your head.


When ‘building a better mousetrap’ actually involves rodents.


When you feel somewhat responsible for the world around you because you know you helped create it.


When you can’t understand why the younger generation has an uncontrolled need to re-invent the wheel. You already did that!


When you watch the younger generation fork out hundreds of dollars to go see an old band preform in a stadium that you saw for a $10 cover charge into a smoke-filled bar back when the band was young.


When retro refers to your childhood.


When you understand who you really are, and know there is no time left to change now.


When the thought of a good night’s sleep is more appealing than staying up late on the hope’s of getting lucky.


When you can’t keep up with the pace of the world and frankly you don’t care too.


When you shake your head so much at the state of affairs throughout the course of a day that you give yourself a sore neck.


Finally, you know you’re a dinosaur… when you know more, and say less.








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    BEAUTIFAL!!! But you forgot …
    When you misspell a word and you can’t be bothered correcting the mistake because you know that mistakes can’t be corrected. Lived with maybe, but not corrected.
    When you can’t remember how to correct the misspelled word anyway.
    When you realize it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember how to correct the misspelled word. People will forgive you for the mistake because you’re getting old and maybe a little addled in the head.
    When being addled in the head isn’t an issue anymore.


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    Where are you??? I miss the blogs!

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