Ssss… Nooooooooooo!!!

September 23, 2018… It snowed yesterday. That’s right, snow!!! That white fluffy stuff that people that have never seen it before think is so pretty!! I cut my grass on Tuesday!! I woke up today and I now need to shovel my walk!!! This is the type of thing that causes the uneducated to question the existence of global warming!!! It’s September!!!


If this is the ‘snow that won’t go’ we are looking at up to 10 months of winter. We’re the same as everyone else, we only get 12!! That’s only 2 months of “not winter”!!! I swear the trees just barely turned green! I really don’t want to take this personal but damn!! You want to know why Canadians are so happy when you meet them on a beach in February, because they only get outside without parkas two months of the year! And February ain’t one of them! You’d be happy too!!


About the only positive I can get from this type of weather event is that people start thinking about escaping it sooner and that is good for The Playa business. I can be sure that all across the prairies today that angry Canadians (yes, we get angry. We just don’t pull out guns) are looking at booking websites all over the internet, to see how much it is going to cost them to get the hell out of this country! They may be looking at The Playa right this second but I couldn’t say for sure because this crappy snow has caused some sort of catastrophic event and I have had no power for the last two hours!!! If it doesn’t come back you are never going to read this!!!


Unlike the Dominican power system which is a single wire draped though the trees, Canada has a very elaborate infrastructure. Therefore, when the power goes out it is never something simple. A hammer, pliers, some electrical tape and finding a new palm won’t fix the problem here. Based on the way that the power went out, in a series of power on, power off, power on, power gone sequences, I can assume that we have lost more than one transformer and that this power outage may be more than meets the eye. (sorry, I couldn’t stop myself)


No power means no heat. A power outage around here can be deadly in winter when temperatures are -35C. You don’t want to be without heat in your shelter for too long at that time of year but it is September and the winter temps are just starting to arrive. The current temperature is not so bad, sitting just below freezing. Not cold enough that donning socks and a sweater won’t keep the chill at bay, but cold enough for the fn snow not to melt!!


The power will eventually return and since it is September this is not likely to be the ‘snow that won’t go’. But this weather is uncalled for and I think someone needs to take an extra-large dose of St John’s wort and calm down. We know around here that winter is coming. We don’t require a reminder!! It’s why we own parkas!!! A gentle cooling breeze would have been enough!!


What is your problem Mother Nature??!!! Why are you taking it out on Canadians??? We’re a friendly, polite people! We’re still honouring the Kyoto Accord! Why the cold shoulder?!! We’re on your side!! We’re the country that elected the guy that is going to allow us to all get stoned so we don’t notice how fn cold it is in winter and start burning coal again!! Couldn’t you show just an inkling of compassion??? Maybe just a few hours of sunshine, something to show us that you care a little about the differences between us and our neighbours. Canadians are the friendly, happy, polite people!! We deserve some sunlight. Something small just to remind us that you are not mean spirited and that all will be well.


Oh!! Look the power is back… I said SUNLIGHT!!! Not SOME LIGHT!!!




(got to go, Be back soon.)









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