What do you think? Head held high or in hand-cuffs? How’s he going out?


I had a friend say to me (keep in mind this is two Canadians talking), “None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the Russia Investigation.” Shhhhh!!! Don’t say anything Uncle Jeremiah, let me set it up.


My friend is an admitted Conservative, Canada’s version of the Republican. He says even now he would have voted for Trump because he hated Hillary that much. He says he would have voted for Saunders over Trump but the choice wasn’t there. In my piece of the Canadian prairies the majority of voters would have been Trump supporters. They could paint a cow Conservative blue and it would get elected out here! Trump was their favourite during the campaign, they loved to tell me about Hillary’s downfalls and about the crimes she had committed during her tenure in office. They and my friend were with the Trumpster on this one, “lock her up” was their battle cry.


Those people all seem a bit quieter after two years of watching the guy do the job. My aforementioned friend has even said he avoids US news because he can’t stand watching what’s going on. Seriously??? It’s a train wreck!!! Who doesn’t love a train wreck?!!! The problem of course is that we are so close to their borders and our society is so inter-meshed with theirs, that what happens there is felt here. When they fart, we smell it!


For my part I’m loving this. I tune in every night to the US news just to see what he’s said and done! I haven’t had so many laughs since they ended Seinfeld!! Yes, I understand that this is very serious stuff and that the man can be dangerous, but so are many other leaders. You are not going to find too many political leaders that don’t score ten on the ‘ego meter’, our Prime Minister included. Trump though, is in a league by himself! Most leaders we can only assume are tens because they have mastered the art of diplomacy but I can’t say for certain that Trump can even spell the word!!


If you don’t find the humour in all of this, then he’ll give you a heart-attack. The crap he spews out on Twitter is that of a high-schooler, who doesn’t take well to criticism. His use of social media only exemplifies just how bad the man’s self-control is! It is easy for all to see that his mouth (and fingers) is moving well in advance of his brain. I doubt that this type of behaviour started when he became President, it was happening before but no one was paying attention. Why would we?? It was ‘The Donald’ and we all knew he was a buffoon!! Buffoon or not his base of followers broadened when he became the duly elected leader of the United States of America. I’m sure he thinks it is his own personal popularity that caused the increase in followers and has nothing to do with the fact he is the US President and most of the world is following his antics! 11.5 on the ego meter!!!


“None of this would be happening if they had stopped this witch hunt before it started.” (guess who) “… one guy is convicted and he rolls on the guy above… it sickens me…” (same guy). “None of this would be happening if not for the Russia Investigation.” (my friend and that other guy too). Okay it’s time Uncle J.


What does it matter how you catch the guy, he still broke the law!!! If the police pull over a car for speeding and find a dead body in the back and a smoking gun in the driver’s hand, do you think they just give him a ticket and tell him to slow down?!!? It is irrelevant what brought the authorities to the door, if a crime is discovered their job is to arrest you! Don’t try to tell me that it isn’t fair, that this is just because they were looking for something else!! These people are corrupt, they are greedy and they are stealing from everyone!! They sell their influence to whomever will pay the most. They have no moral standards and will sell their brother’s out to save their own skin! “… and” I told my friend, “they were all closely affiliated with the president! Don’t tell me he is not knee deep in this!”


We both laughed at my tirade. As two Canadians we had no vested interest. On an international front he is a disaster, Trump has managed to piss off everyone. The wreckage he leaves behind everywhere he goes is incredible!  When his time comes to an end I pity the next poor fool that gets the job. He has sorely diminished his countries stature on the world stage and it will take years to mend.


Internally it’s a different story. His threats and bullying tactics with business and trade contracts have kept investors interested in the US economy. His numbers show results and even if the cost of cars go up in the US because of his trade tariffs, there are more second jobs that people can go get so they can afford one. In the world according to Trump, that’s a win-win.


But the situation is not our problem, it is something the American people must deal with. The guy and all his minions belong to them, they put them in power. This is an internal matter and my friend and I are just spectators


“So, what do you think?” I asked my friend. “Head held high or hand-cuffs?”


“Neither,” he replied. “he’s Teflon like his hair. I’ll bet he goes out the back door with a pardon in his pocket.”


Be sure to tune in to season 3 of ‘The Apprentice; The Big Boss rules’.










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