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World politics is not an area that I usually venture in to. Not because I don’t have an opinion but because I don’t feel I am knowledgeable enough to voice it. I wouldn’t want to say something incorrect because I don’t have the facts or have not considered the situation from all angles. I just don’t feel it would be right to make a statement on the spur of the moment because it is what I think without a shred of substantiating evidence to back my claim. I am obviously not suited for public office.


The world seems like a crazy place to me. It is being run by a bunch of crazies with crazy ideas and whose actions appear, for use of a better word, crazy. Currently the theory that saner heads will prevail is being tested to its limit. Putin backed assassinations, Trump’s inaccurate statements on just about everything and Kim’s science project are pushing the boundaries of any semblance of sanity. Am I the only person that wonders how this ever got this far? Where the hell are the saner heads?


Saner heads are never to be found when they are needed. It’s been that way throughout time. People are swayed by emotion and therefore have a tendency to support a ’cause de jour’ even if upon reflection it makes no sense. “The world is crazy therefore let’s elect Trump!” The prevailing logic must have been, let’s fight crazy with crazy. It does make a certain amount of sense but I wonder if they realized just how crazy, crazy can be. But saner heads are never to be found when the chips are down, they aren’t now and they weren’t a 100 years ago.


I can’t say for sure if the world is any less crazy than it was a century ago, I am not that old. But in 1918 the ‘War to end all wars’, WWI, ended. Only to be followed by regional revolutions for the next 20 years. Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, China and the list goes on. The people had had enough of the way things were being done in their respective countries and they showed their disapproval sometimes, okay most times back then, with violence. The political map continued to change on a yearly basis as new factions took control of different countries around the world and by 1938 the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Stalin, Hirohito and Churchill were firmly entrenched in power and the world was once again looking at a global war. So looking at the state of affairs today, I really can’t say if it is any less crazy now than it was back then.


Are we on the verge of war only 80 years later? I hope not but I’m not so sure we are not on the brink of a stupid act by a crazy person. There are just as many crazies running the show now as there was back then and seriously their actions are infecting the populous and making many of us very nervous. Accusations fly, name calling and muscle flexing abound. The ‘our might is right’ mentality is to be found around the globe as violence explodes in regional areas and innocents continue to lose their lives.


As I watch the world unfold before me my first thought is “will this ever end?” This is quickly followed by the realization that since homo sapiens picked up the first rock and used it as a weapon rather than a tool, it never has ended. Aggressive behaviour dominates our gene pool and since we have perfected the tools for mass destruction, we’ve upped the ante over time. The belief in the adage that ‘saner heads will prevail’ may carry some historical weight, after all we’re still here, but facts support that the saner heads are never in charge!! Saner heads don’t show up until after the damage is done! They calm things down then take a seat on the bench and let the crazies take back over and to coin a truly Canadian phrase, “let ’em have at ‘er!” It has been going on since the beginning of recorded time and beyond and as much as I hate to say it, I don’t expect the cycle to change any time soon.


Changing the cycle would require mankind to have the simultaneous epiphany, “Hey lets all get along!”and even I am not gullible enough to believe that could happen. Crazies will always be around to wreak havoc just because they can and saner heads will come along with a ‘pooper scooper’ and try to clean up the mess.


We learn history in school to help us understand how we came to be, how we got to where we are. It is meant to also teach us the lessons not to repeat, to help us continually move forward and to possibly think before we act. So what happened? Did all the current world leaders sleep through history class?? Or are they just too crazy to see the pattern??? Things in this world continue to teeter on the brink and not one saner head is willing to pick up a rock and beat some sense into the crazies!!


Why does this repeatedly happen? I believe that it is because there are more crazies in the world than saner heads. Saner heads never get elected because the world has more emotionally driven crazies than saner heads. It is not until the crazies have brought a country to the brink of destruction and beyond that the general crazy population wakes up and says, “Hey this has gone a bit too far and we need a saner head to fix it.” Then once things calm down they immediately put some other crazy back in charge! The cycle never stops!!! It proves to me that there are more crazies than saner heads.


We should have a test that everyone who wishes to be a leader must take before any of them can seek office, a simple multiple choice that we give them when they are 18. A litmus test of sorts, just to weed out the truly crazy. But who am I kidding, there is no such beast and if there were it would look like this;

  1. If my neighbour trims the grass on my property, I a) thank him b) expect him to do it every time he mows c) return the favour and cut down his tree. (the one that shits leaves all over my yard in the fall) d) charge him with trespassing.
  2. When I see a crime being committed, I a) call for help b) ignore it c) rush in and try to stop the act in progress (because I think I’m a superhero) d) join in.
  3. When I pass a police patrol, I a) wave b) try not to make eye contact c) turn and run d) all of the above.
  4. When I encounter someone in need, I a) extend aid b) ignore them c) stare d) tell them you feel bad for them but life’s a bitch for everyone.
  5. My boat starts to leak, I a) start bailing b) plug the hole (using anything available preferably duct tape) c) put on my life vest d) abandon ship.
  6. When I see a commercial for humanitarian aid, I a) send money b) change the channel c) go get a snack d) think it sucks to be them.
  7. My neighbour gets a brand new car, I a) go buy a better one b) steal it c) wait until he is out driving and go sleep with his wife d) key it.
  8. I hear gunshots, I a) seek cover b) run out in the open to see what’s happening c) grab my gun d) turn the television louder.
  9. On election day, I a) vote b) vote and complain c) complain and forget to vote d) am astounded that some crazy got elected.
  10. Who’s crazier? a) me b) you c) them d) all of the above.


Did you read all the questions? Did you chose the answer that best reflected your view? Did you write them down? a, a, c… So how did you do? Let’s find out. For every time you answered A score 4, B-3, C-2 and D-1. Add them up. Got your total ready…

9 or less- you did not answer all the questions or you can’t add (take your shoes off and use your toes if needed). Repeat quiz.

10 to 19- Thank you for your candour. These gentlemen in the white coats will escort you out.

20 to 29- Wow, you are really borderline. We’ll need to run further tests, involving electricity.

30 to 40- You are sane. Please stay close to the phone, your services will be needed.

41 or above- Congratulations Donald… you’re in charge. You can put your shoes back on.









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    I got a score of 28. But there is a problem. For question # 3, I had a 4th choice (namely: e) none of the above) and for #9, I had 2 choices, A & D. So I don’t know where I stand. Am I crazy or not crazy? Am I ready to don the robes of higher office or not? I hope I can drop lower down on the crazy scale. I envy those folks who can legitimately be escorted out of the room by the people in white coats. At least crazy people know where they stand.

    Good quiz.

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    Uncle J- I am pleased that you took the time to take my quiz. I understand your dilemma and maybe I can clarify. In regards to question 9 you may add the two totals together and divide by 1, this number maybe added to your total.There is a small problem with question 3 and you wishing to add a 4th choice… There already is one!!! Adding option e) would be a 5th choice! We’re recharging the car batteries… we’ll be in touch.

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    So … I am sane but can’t add … Now as I understand it, being sane makes me unfit for higher office. But being unable to add ensures that I am just the right sort of fellow to govern others. Well, there you go … I still don’t know where I stand and perhaps I should recharge my batteries as well.

    I have changed my mind. This quiz isn’t nearly rigid enough to produce meaningful results.

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