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Yes I know there has been nothing new from here in weeks. Partly due to the fact that this is the time of year when my life is the most hectic but mostly because I have just experienced the most tragic of losses… my laptop died.


I loved my laptop. It was big and bulky and difficult to travel with. It rarely left the house and would have been considered by some to be a desktop PC due to its size. It had a 17.5 inch screen and an extended keyboard, it was like travelling with a small television set. But I loved the old monster and it loved me back.


In this day and age when something is obsolete after three years, my laptop was prehistoric. My laptop was 16 years old! That’s 266 in people years!! It was a Smithsonian laptop!!! Sure it had had a few problems over the years but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. It was old and even Microsoft had informed me that they could no longer support the operating system that I was using and suggested I purchase a new machine. I’m not sure why, but I think the person that developed the system I used may have retired.


My laptop had been with me for a decade and a half. It held the records and memories of those years. It had been around to witness my sons become fathers and held every word that had ever been written on this blog, both incarnations. In truth you could say it held my life, at least my digital life.


My laptop had been on life support for some time now, so do not panic, everything was backed up. All the pictures and files of the last 16 years are now stored on two jump drives that take up 1.5″ x 2″ worth of space on my desk beside my now dark laptop. I am writing this on my laptop’s replacement, a hybrid tablet/PC. The small keyboard is hard to work with and the screen is 5 inches smaller. I have to squint through my reading glasses! I hate this thing!! I want my monster laptop back!!!


The worse thing about starting out with a new machine is learning how to use it. I can’t figure out how to find anything! The touch pad doesn’t behave anything like my now dead laptop’s did. If I move my fingers a certain way on the pad the screen becomes small or disappears. I can’t make it stop!! Every time I touch this thing it does something I don’t want. Having tablet capabilities means that I can touch the screen and it will also do something I don’t want!! Because it is new I need to either download programs or apps so I can continue life normally. My dead laptop already had all these things! I don’t know what I need!!!


So this is why you have not seen anything from me recently, I am dealing with a very difficult learning curve. This is the first thing I have written that is being posted directly to this site because even though I can write to the file that is being held on the jump drive from my old laptop, I have yet to be able to figure out how to make this computer cut and paste it. So excuse the spelling and any grammatical faux pas I may have made and the lack of pictures, it been a trying few weeks… it always is when you lose a friend.






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    Sometimes things get old and used up. But they’re not worthless. I grieve the loss of the old ways right along with you.

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