Black Friday Stupid

The following I wrote in November 2012. It was based on an event that took place in the land of Trump. Reading it again helps me understand how he got elected and I hope it will do the same for you.


November, 2012

Black Friday refers to a ‘shopping’ day in the United States. It marks the start of the holiday ‘shopping’ season. It has become every retailers dream day, the day when they expect to see their cash registers bulging and aisles full of rabid consumers. The people that run the Big Box stores in the U.S. wish every day could be Black Friday.


According to my favorite resource Wikipedia, the current use of the term Black Friday was originated by the Philadelphia Police Department more than 50 years ago. The officers of the time used the term in reference to the massive amounts of traffic, pedestrian and automotive, that invaded the downtown shopping districts the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving (Thursday). The term meant nothing positive to them. If you had to pull duty on either Black Friday or Black Saturday, you were in for the day from hell. I’d lay odds that the police officers on the ‘working’ side of Black Friday feel the same way today. You put enough people in one place at the same time, creating a frenzied environment and stupid things will happen. Having to work that day must suck!


Today (Black Friday), in Springfield Massachusetts, a man left a two-year old in a car while he went bargain shopping. The child was discovered asleep in the car by store security who alerted the police. I know what you’re saying… ARE YOU NUTS!!! LEAVING A KID IN A CAR TO GO SHOPPING!! But wait there’s more!! When the police went to look for the man he was not in the store, he had gone home with his new 51 INCH FLATSCREEN!! He told the police that he ‘lost’ the child while shopping, panicked and called a friend to come pick him up. Okay you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know something’s not right with this picture! You didn’t just lose the kid pal… YOU LOST THE WHOLE DAMN CAR!!! And let’s not forget to mention that this all took place at ONE-THIRTY IN THE MORNING!!!


There is more to this story than meets the eye because the news release I read said that the mother of the child was working at the time and that the man was her 34 year old boyfriend. WHAT?!! What do you have buddy, a brain the size of a pea?!! It’s bad enough that you took someone else’s child electronics shopping at one-thirty in the morning and left the child in the car while you quickly ran in and grabbed a ‘big-assed’ screen TV, but you lost the car!! AND THE KID WITH IT!! AND YOU’RE THIRTY-FOUR YEARS OLD!!! And that’s the lamest story I’ve ever heard! You tell the police you lost the child while shopping?? They found him in the car!! MORON!!! You panicked and called a friend to come and get you?? Let me guess… the friend just happened to have a truck that the TV fit into!!


I’m not a detective but I’ve watched enough television to pretend like I am, and by adding the fact that the Springfield police did not arrest the man immediately, lead me to believe that the police are chalking this up to being Black Friday Stupid. This could have turned out far worse than it did, and the story is far from over. I will probably never know what happens to this guy in the end, I’m a long way from Springfield, Mass. He will eventually be charged with child endangerment and I hope he will be referred to in the future as ‘the 34-year old EX-BOYFRIEND of the mother’. Did he really forget where he parked the car? Or did he realize that the TV and the kid wouldn’t fit in the car at the same time, called a friend to help, and then decided it was more important to stay with the TV then the child? We’ll never really know because based on the actions taken by the local PD, they just think he’s stupid… and stupid people do stupid things in November.









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