Something Big is Coming

Something big is coming and I have been hard at it for two weeks and I still need one more, so until then I have had a few other thoughts…


  • I frequently think of people and think I should give them a call, or send them a message for no other reason than to say hello and I rarely ever do it. Rarely??? Try almost never!!


  • I know I have said this before but it obviously requires repeating. Every motor vehicle comes with a lever on the steering column (in North America it is on the left side) that moves up and down. This lever controls the light fairies that hide in the trunk of your car. When pushed up, the fairies on the right side of the trunk glow on and off and when pushed down the ones on the left flash. Even though you can’t see the fairies at work (unless your staring in the rear view mirror instead of at the road in front of you!), they are doing their job, letting the driver’s behind you have some clue as to what your next move may be. This is a very useful lever.  Learn to use it. Because the next time you cut through two lanes of traffic in an effort not to miss your turn, your light fairies are apt to become some truck driver’s hood ornament!!!


  • The deadliest creature on the planet is man.


  • Monday Aug 21st was a complete solar eclipse. It rained where I was from the time I got up until two hours after the celestial event ended. Your thinking well that is unfortunate, well let me just mention the other events that have happened in my lifetime, Hayley’s comet… cloud, Leonid meteor shower… more cloud… the last 3 lunar eclipses… cloud, cloud, cloud. Don’t tell me that Mother Nature doesn’t have it in for me!!


  • When I was young my mother would tell me to think before I spoke. I wonder what Donald Trump’s mother told him?


  • The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey did make me pause and consider my desire to move to a Caribbean island. Until I went to work in the morning and it was 7C… IN AUGUST!!!









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