A Poem By…

I wake up in the morning; get up out of bed;

The aches and pains I feel, tell me I’m not dead.

Down the hall I stumble, I can barely see,

I know my destination, I really got to pee.


Looking in the mirror, it’s not hard to see,

That time has left a mark, maybe two or three.

The signs of getting older, happen really fast,

I’m putting in my teeth, hope the glue will last.


Finally I’m out the door, going to my truck;

Left the keys in the house; not my day for luck.

House is locked, keys inside, options they were lean,

My only hope seems to be, pet door… patio screen.


Head and arm through the hole, reaching for the slide…

One more inch, maybe two and I will be inside.

In my truck, on my way, I got in the door;

Need to make another stop, at the hardware store.











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