Granny Goodness

As the three of you may have noticed there was nothing from me last week. Have no fear nothing has gone wrong and all around me are healthy and relatively happy to the best of my knowledge. Last weekend Honey and I hit the road to cross the prairies and ‘surprise’ our grandchildren with a visit. We drove 1300km through the night and brought 4 McDonald’s breakfast Happy Meals to their door early Saturday morning… no one was home.


I’m only kidding; they were all there and thrilled to see us. I know they were thrilled because the two girls, Karma (4.1) and Elyza (2.8), immediately attached themselves to Honey’s legs and for the next 72 hours that’s pretty much where they stayed. Whenever I glanced Honey’s way, there they were snuggled up close and vying for her attention.  Odyn ran about like a crazed Jedi, charged with the unbridled energy that every 6 year-old has, and Sebastian (0.6), the most recent addition to this family, lay on a blanket at his grandmother’s feet, a squirming, gurgling, bundle of flesh.


Even after more than 24 hours without sleep Honey was everything you would expect in a grandmother. They all got hugs and kisses and she gave each one a moment of exclusive attention. I stood in the kitchen doorway and watched her as she sat on the sofa sandwiched by bookends, cooing to the baby to make him smile. The girls never stopped talking to her, explaining everything that you should know about babies. “Grandma, did you know that babies…?” “Grandma, did you…?” “Grandma when Sebastian was little he…?” What did she say? Little? The kids only 6 months old!!! He doesn’t sit up without support!!! How much littler is there??  Not to be left out, the oldest would run right up to her and shout “Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!” she would raise her eyes from the baby to him, and hold that gaze until he could blurt out another unknown fact about Sebastian. Honey would just smile and say “Really, I did not know that,” or “Wow, that’s good to know.”


Who was this woman??!! What happened to the woman I had just spent the last 14 hours crammed in a car with?? The one that doesn’t like having her personal space invaded. The one that was too tired to think by the time we had arrived. She was nowhere to be seen! Instead there was this lady smiling on the sofa wrapped in a cocoon of children oozing ‘granny goodness’ all over everything!! The kids were just soaking it up! Their smiles radiated at her! She was like a flower surrounded by bees! They couldn’t get enough of her and regardless of what she might say, I think her of them.


When we left to check into our hotel nine hours later, both Honey and I were spent. The energy Honey had received from the children waned the second we left them and by six that evening she was asleep and stayed that way for the next 13 hours. Being a grandmother is hard work.


The next two days were pretty much repeats of the first. Honey would arrive at their home, turn into the ‘granny goodness’ lady and from that point on she would have at least one grandchild by her side keeping her company.  “Grandma, do you want to…” “Grandma, look at this…” “Grandma…” the chorus never ended. Whatever pheromone Honey was emitting, her grandchildren loved it! Even young Sebastian loved to be held by her! It was like being close to her gave them a sugar rush. They were giddy when she acknowledged them and danced away smiling, only to return moments later to get another fix, which she always gave them. No matter how often they came to her she gave them exactly what they were looking for… they loved her, and she loved them back.







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