We Pause For Station Identification…

I know that all of you involved in yesterday’s events are looking in to see what I have to say on the matter, but it is impossible to descibe in a short passage and it might take me quite a while to recount it all. The fact that the left side of my brain is at war with right side of my brain is not making it any easier and when the hell did it become so foggy on this island???


My stomach also doesn’t seem to appreciate my conduct yesterday, about the only thing that is positive about my condition this morning is that when the bugs bite me they seem to be staggering afterwards and unable to fly straight. I would advise any of you that invest in the stock market to purchase ‘Presidente Beer’ stocks, they might be rising on Monday morning.


So for now, until things become more stable in my head, I will leave you with the answer to the question you’re all asking, ‘How are you feeeling today?’






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