It Wasn’t A Joke???

Every time I hear any news broadcast I find myself saying the same thing over and over to myself, “Thank God I’m not an American!!”  I’ve been repeating this since last May when the U.S. primaries started and Donald J. Trump’s face hit the airwaves. What came out of his mouth was insanity and before long he had turned the United States presidential election process into an absolute gong show.


It turned into more than I could have hoped for as a spectator. Personal insults and threats of criminal prosecution, Innuendo and a money trail no one could follow or divulge. The F.B.I. and Russian hackers were in there and even though more U.S. citizens voted for her, Hillary Clinton still lost. This from a country that professes to be the model of democracy; a gong show I tell you…  A GONG SHOW!!!


But after I had wiped away the tears of laughter the American’s had done the one thing I truly believed they never would, they elected Donald Trump their President. This week they’re going to swear him in and make it official. Someone hide the bible!!! I keep thinking that this is just a really good gag perpetrated by The Donald! But he made the ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the new Celebrity Apprentice boss!! It must be true that he is really planning to take the job!!!


I swear I thought it was a joke. I thought it was some kind of crazy bet, something he and his drinking buddy’s came up with one night. One scotch too many and the Donald boasted he could get elected President.  Why would the guy even want the job? He’s got plenty of celebrity and money. For the most part his company’s run themselves and he can do whatever he wants with absolutely no stress. What the hell would he want to be President of the United States for???  It’s like… I don’t know… a serious job!


All the signs were there! A guy that had never spent a day in the public service or run for any elected position including student council decides what? He’s going to run for the for the number one public service job in the country??? Come on… it has to be a joke… right? Why would a guy with the thinnest of skins want a job that lists constant public criticism in the job description?? It makes no sense even for a guy with an ego the size of Mount Olympus. Look how he’s handling it so far and he hasn’t put his hand on the bible yet!


Can you imagine what politics would have been like in the times of Abraham Lincoln if there had been ‘twitter’ then? If Lincoln used ‘twitter’ then, the way Trump does now, the South would have won the Civil War. They would have known everything the President was thinking of and planned for every contingency. They would have baited Lincoln into revealing the master plan with a simple “Mary Todd is kinda ugly don’t you think, maybe she should lead the troops against the South and scare them back to Atlanta.”  If Lincoln were Trump he would have gone off, “Ugly she is not good sir and wait until I see you at Gettysburg and we’ll settle this, me a fifty thousand of my men!!”  “Hmmm, Gettysburg hah, maybe Johnny Reb should skirt around Gettysburg, come back at them from the north, hmmm. “


The American people have elected a person that does not appear to know when to keep his mouth shut and his fingers away from the keyboard. That’s okay if you’re a Kardashian or if you’re the producer of the Celebrity Apprentice but dude really? You need to get your head out of your ass and shut up! You got the job already!! If you’re stupid enough to put your hand on that bible and take the oath of office this week, then you need to stop embarrassing the people of your country with your teenage mentality.


Donald Trump is about to become President of the United States (unless it is a joke, my fingers are crossed) and he can make the job pretty much anything he wants it to be. There will be changes in their country in ways I can only imagine. The impact on the rest of the world will be measurable that is for certain. He will have charge of the biggest player on the world stage, the U S of A, and you can rest assured he will be constantly reminding us of that fact, no doubt on his ‘twitter’ account. For better or worse though he is to be the next president and we are all stuck with him. ‘The Gong Show’ live from the White House is getting a four year run.


I have one final comment to make before I turn this site back to more important things like my upcoming holidays and what a bitch Mother Nature is and that is this… Throughout history the greatest nations of all-time all eventually ended and did so not by being conquered by a stronger nation but collapsed from within because they had crazy-ass leaders, just ask the Romans.







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    Trump used 2 Bibles when he was sworn in and I heard a funny joke about them. It went something to the effect that he needed the second Bible in case the first one burst into flames.

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