Nicer Next Week

“It’s supposed to get nicer next week.” This was said to me by an employee of the Big Box store and repeated throughout the day by others. That day was a repeat of the day before and the temperature outside was -27C. The wind was calm for my area and at only 15kph the ‘feels like’ (wind chill) temperature put the discomfort zone at -38C.


When I got home that day I looked at the upcoming forecast. It showed that in the next ten days that there will be two days that will not exceed -20C and that’s the daytime high!! “Nicer next week” is only one day! How bad has it become for those of us living in the Canadian prairies that we look forward to one day in ten?!!! The one day in ten when we can say, “This isn’t so bad” or “I’m tough, I’m a Canadian” and not say it through clenched teeth and blue lips.


I hate winter and its mind numbing cold. I hate the fact that to take out the garbage I have to ‘gear up’. Boots, jacket, scarf, gloves and ear muffs (that’s right, I wear ear muffs), all to take two cans thirty feet to the curb. I hate the darkness and that when the sun does shine, it’s too cold to be out in it and what good does it do? YOU’RE COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE!!! The only thing getting sunshine is your nose and it’s too frozen to realize it!! In winter, the only way to get the benefits of the rare moments of sunshine is to stand in the window naked when it happens and turn the furnace up to 30 degrees. The neighbours may not like it much but it’s the only way to get the sun’s benefit during winter in this neck of the woods. I’m sure the judge will understand.


Only four weeks to go and I will be standing in the sun wearing shorts and sandals… I should be able to make bail by then…




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