The Very First Time

20160930_150151The expansion of GenCo is complete and they have changed the company letterhead to read GenCo & Son. Yes there is a name to the “& Son”, and it is Parker. He arrived last week, much to the relief of Company, and has all the right parts in all the right places. He got to town a week earlier than anticipated and developed a small case of jaundice that was treated by the competent medical staff and has finally made it home to start his life.


It’s a little early to have any kind of idea of how that life will go, but I’m sure like it was for all of us, it will be filled with adventure to start with. Starting a new adventure is always exciting and for someone whose age is being counted in days the newness of life must be awesome! Everything around you is new and for the next few years everyday will have something new in it.


20160930_143645From my viewpoint the world is not the same and new is just a variation of the same old/same old. There are lots of twists and turns in my life (grandchildren are one of them), but they are just course adjustments on the road I’m travelling. But for a person that has just arrived in this existence every sight and sound are something to be marvelled at.


We forget all this as we get older. We forget all the firsts as the world slowly becomes same old/ same old. Seeing the colour blue or yellow or red for the first time and feeling the sensations that these colours invoke in us. How do their little minds handle the massive amount of sensory input they are forced to cope with? What is going on in there? The reaction of a newborn is instinctual, they make faces and cry. It’s their only form of communication. Language is still all new to them and they are still years away from being able to communicate what is going on inside. By the time a baby can tell us what they are feeling, they will have forgotten.


20160930_143734Communicating as a newborn must be a bitch. It involves making noise and the first noise they learn is crying. Babies use this for everything and as a parent the job is to decipher what the crying means. New parents go for the usual standbys, the kid is hungry or the kid needs fresh diapers. If the crying doesn’t stop after these tasks have been preformed then most new parents are at a loss. This will be the same for GenCo as they learn the art of parenting and I can expect Honey to receive a few phone calls over the next little while with the plea “He won’t stop crying… what do we do?” I know Honey will be more sympathetic than I would be even though it’s doubtful she will have an answer. Babies cry, it’s what they do.


20160930_143739There is no way a parent or grandparent can tell what is going on in those little brains. Babies react to everything the same way. “What the hell is my stomach doing? Oh Hell… I just crapped myself! I better tell someone… Baaaah!!! What the hell is that thing with all the hair that keeps sniffing me??!! Oh Gross… it just licked me!! I think I better tell someone… Baaaah!!! There goes my stomach again, what the hell is its problem??? I didn’t crap myself this time… I must be hungry! I better tell someone… Baaaah!!! The hairy thing just lifted its leg and peed on me! It wasn’t so bad… but I better tell someone… Baaah!!!”


20160930_143742Babies do the same thing for every event in their young lives, they cry. Having been through this on a couple of occasions, I can also say that the crying just gets louder for the first year. I also know that this will all continue to change and the crying will turn to whining and snivelling then eventually disappear. It only takes about ten years. It will be replaced by anger and name calling. It will feature rebellion and a demonstration of young will power and is far worse than the crying because it tests a parent’s patience and the maturity required to remember that they are the adult. Those times are much tougher than dealing with crying.


cc015So I would tell GenCo to enjoy the crying in peaceful bliss. Don’t be stressed out by their confusion and inability to understand what the crying means. It will change faster than they could imagine and these times will become memories that will make them smile and wish for them to be back once again. The ability to properly communicate makes a child’s problems much more difficult to deal with but it’s a whole lot easier than when they drop their first ‘F’ bomb on you.



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