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things001I like to write. Sometimes I do it to fill my day but if you hadn’t noticed my days are generally easy to fill. I write so that I can express my feelings about my life and the world around me. I don’t write about my work in any detail because I’m too close to retirement to risk screwing up my future earnings. When I retire I may become more forthcoming about my feelings towards the people I work with and the job that I do but that will be in 56 months and 1 week (not that I’m counting). I doubt anyone would care what I have to say on the matter but I know I’ll feel better getting things off my chest.


There are many things I don’t write about. Some are personal but many are simply opinions that can be expressed in a paragraph or two and therefore not enough to fill a page, so they never get written about.


things003Things like; electing Donald J. Trump as the U.S. President… WTF are you Americans thinking??!! Electing Hillary Clinton as the U.S. President… WTF are you Americans thinking??!! Or the Libertarian U.S. Presidential nominee Gary Johnson not knowing what Aleppo was… It’s the city in Syria that is slowly being obliterated from the map!!! WhereTF did you Americans find this guy??!!


Things like; what is with all the police shootings in the U.S.? Anyone can see that it is out of control! The ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ mentality is raging throughout their national police forces. I think NATO should send in peace keepers. I read an article posted by The Guardian US (I assume that it is an affiliate of the English newspaper), that quoted statistics from 2015 about deaths at the hands of US law enforcement compared to the rest of the world. I don’t believe that the data is precise because most countries do not keep detailed records of such incidences but I do believe that the numbers are not far off.


things004According to the article from June 2015, in England and Wales there have been 55 people killed by police shooting in the last 24 years. There were 59 fatal police shootings in the U.S. in the first 24 days of 2015.

In Australia there were 94 fatal police shootings from 1992 to 2011, 19 years. In the U.S. there were 97 in the month of March 2015.

Canada a country of 35.2m people averages 25 fatal police shootings a year. California with a population of 38.8m people average 72 a year.

In the U.S. a man armed with a rock was shoot at 17 times by police, a third of the shoots hit him. In 2013 the Finnish police force fired 6 bullets… In the whole year!!! WTF is going on south of my border??!!


things008Things like; the fighting in Aleppo is a travesty. There are no words that can describe the destruction caused to the people and the city. The loss of innocent lives is staggering. Not even the U.S. police force is killing at the rate you’re seeing in Syria. It has been going on for so long it’s becoming impossible to remember what started it. Oh I remember… corrupt government. I think it went like this.


There was a group of people who opposed the original government in Syria but they had no guns. The Syrians that were in charge were very mean. The U.S. felt sorry for the Syrians that didn’t like the government and gave them guns. The two sides fought and because the government opposing side had received better guns they beat the government and became the government. Not every person in Syria was happy about this change.


things006The people that had once been the government became the rebel forces. Their guns were not as good as the new government forces were. The Russians felt sorry for the rebels and gave them better guns. Now both sides of the dispute in Syria have the same guns and planes and the battle that rages is at a stalemate.


Yes I know this is a bit over simplified but let’s be honest, if you are not Syrian do you really understand any of this? More than half the population of Syria when this whole thing began are either fleeing the country, living in their basements in fear of a bomb dropping on their heads or dead. The involvement of other nations in their internal conflict has only made it worse. Instead of helping the two sides kill each other maybe we (all non-Syrians) should take back all our guns and planes and go home. I know it won’t end the internal dispute but it might make it an internal dispute again.writing2


This is the type of thing that I think about but I’m no expert on any of them. I’m not even from either of those nations, I’m Canadian. We already took our one plane back and went home with it. Writing about the problems that are occurring outside my own borders seems a little arrogant and I try not to be that way if I can avoid it. I do have an opinion though and this site gives me a voice for that opinion if I choose to use it. Which it appears I just did…



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