Out Of Sync

creep006There is an odd effect that happens to someone as they age; the body gets older faster than the brain. That is what has happened to me. My body says I’m 55 but my brain puts me at barely 30. Frequently my brain will convince my body to attempt things it can no longer do and frequently I will hurt myself. I know I’m not alone, we all do it. There was a time when our brains would tell our bodies it was older than it was and we as 10 year-olds would try things that a 15 year-old could do and usually we would hurt ourselves. Am I the only one that sees that our brains are not ever in sync with our bodies???


My brain has been lying to me all my life. It has made every attempt to deceive my body into irrational acts of foolishness. To what end?? So I hurt myself, that’s the end!!! Why would it do that? What is the motivation?? When I hurt myself my brain is miserable. Nerve endings triggering explosions in my cranium making it scream at my body, “STOP! STOP! STOP! I was wrong you can’t do it!!” It makes no sense but it’s been happening all my life.


percep006At 5, I thought I could stoke a fire like the older kids could. When I asked if I could try they said “, you’re not old enough”. I got angry and tried to grab the old car exhaust pipe that was being used for the task of stoking from the older kid. I grabbed the end that had just come out of the fire… My hands were wrapped in gauze for two weeks.


At 8, I tried to balance on a ledge like my 13 year-old brother had and fell onto a broken bottle…  I required 16 stitches in my leg.


At 25, I tried to jump from a standing position onto the hood of a truck… I missed and landed on a cement floor directly on my tail bone, I have dealt with back issues ever since. The worst part is I couldn’t have preformed that feat at 18!! What was my brain thinking?!! Why doesn’t it know what my body is capable of?!!? And why the hell doesn’t my body argue about it?!!! I don’t know which one is stupider!!!


sick011I know what you’re asking… What have I done to myself now? The truth is nothing recently but I’m planning on it. I’ve agreed to take on a task that my brain is saying is no big deal and my body is urging me to reconsider. “If it goes wrong you could really hurt yourself,” it is saying in a small whisper. “Don’t listen to him,” my brain is saying quite loudly. “The ladder is 16 feet and that will get you close and the chainsaw is light and you can use it with one hand, just reach out and…”


That’s right; there is a very large tree with a very large dead limb hanging over my neighbour’s yard. In another year it could become an issue and I have agreed to remove it before winter, I’m running out of time. So what do I do? Listen to the small whisper of caution or man up like my brain is telling me to? Twenty-five years ago there would have been no question, caution was always in the wind but that was then and this is now.


Now I am older and wiser. I listen when my body says, “Are you serious dude??!!” That means that at least part of my brain is starting to realize the folly in the impending actions. My brain still believes that it’s no big deal but is willing to admit that in the past it has made a few errors in judgement and caused me grievous harm. The job still needs to get done but my brain has agreed that maybe not by me.fall-ladder01


So my brain has taken on the task, with the full support of my body, in finding a different way to accomplish what needs to get done. The solution is simple; I will call my oldest son. He lives nearby and has a pick-up truck (a necessity for wood chopping), and will take the wood off my hands. He will have no issues with the task I set before him; his brain will override anything his body tells him, after all he’s me… just twenty-five years younger.





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