You Decide… I’m Busy.

I know… I know… I didn’t even give you something old last week… my bad.


writing2In my defense I have been busy and I have been writing but I’m not getting anything done. You know how that is, you put in the hours on a task and in the end when you look at what you’ve accomplished, it amounts to a whole lot of nothing. I’ve had three weeks of that!


My other problem is there is too much to write about. The world has been spewing out sensational headlines for weeks, crazy people going crazy and doing crazy things with sharp objects, trucks, bombs and guns. Crazy people saying crazy things and running for president of the United States and let’s not forget Mother Nature and her rage! That crazy bitch has been creating tornados, floods, fire and killer mosquitoes and releasing them all around the world!! That alone is a lot to cover.


writers blockThen there is my personal life, and the many things that happen to me on a daily basis. Family, friends, and work always have something new I could share with you my loyal reader, but I don’t know where I should start! Grandkids that exist, grandkids that are coming, the new monkey the company has given to work with me full-time or how my plans to leave this country in February are coming along. There are pages to fill with this information.


So you can see how things have reached a point where I am just overwhelmed and trapped knee deep in the mire of my indecision. So I have a strategy on how I might deal with this backlog of topics, I will let you read a paragraph or two of the last few things I have written and not completed. I will let you decide which thing I should focus on and finish. If you leave a comment I will listen to your opinion and maybe even heed it. If no one leaves a comment then I will know that it is what I believe it is… a pile of poo.


Here goes;




coftk008When I was younger (which in my case covers many years) I used to blame others for the misfortunes of my life. I believed that I was where I was because of the acts of others. But I didn’t stop there; I also believed that things conspired against me. Inanimate objects like my bicycle or car were at fault for my being late to class. I took no responsibility.


I would like to tell you that I no longer feel that way but let’s be honest; I am the guy that thinks Mother Nature has a personal vendetta against me. Just this week I was due to go to a nearby village and setup a new account, about three hours worth of work. The day before I was scheduled to perform this task the bitch slammed the village with a tornado! A TORNADO!! That’s a bit harsh wouldn’t you say???




elect003I have a friend Guido. I have known Guido for the better part of three decades, we’ve grown old together. We met when I first moved out of the big city to the center of my province. Honey was pregnant with Bull and IT Genie was four. We quickly became friends, having many common interests. Over the years we have enjoyed many lively conversations (Guido loves an argument) ranging from music and entertainment to business and politics. Guido and I have many differing opinions on many different subjects.


Our biggest difference of opinion is on the subject of politics, neither of us are registered to any political parties but if I was to describe our views on the subject, his are on the right and mine are on the left. In our country that makes him a Conservative and me a Liberal and if we were Americans he would be a Republican and me a Democrat.




What makes someone qualified? Is it an education? Is it practical experience? Is it that they have an opinion and are loud about it? Is someone qualified if they’ve thought about the matter for a really long time or does that make them an expert? defines qualified as an adjective meaning “having the qualities, accomplishments, etc, that fit a person for some function, office, or the like,” and as a verb meaning “to provide with proper or necessary skills, knowledge, credentials, etc.”


The definition of an expert from the same source is “a person who has special skills or knowledge in some particular field; specialist, authority.” A specialist is “a person who devotes himself or herself to one subject or one particular branch of a subject or pursuit,” and an authority is “an expert on the subject.”


So now that you have been informed as to the meaning of qualified and what would constitute an expert, the question I really want to ask is “What makes someone qualified to be President of the United States of America?”




well007I published the last three articles as a way of introducing Rock and Stream. The reason, as I mentioned in the previous Part 1, was that I had received communication from Rock and Stream as well as The Earl and Ginger within days of one another. Both messages were to do with the same thing, February in the Dominican Republic. It’s my favourite thing right behind Honey’s lasagna!!


I’m excited at the prospect of spending two weeks in the sun and sand of the DR on the Playa Magante. Knowing that I am planning to get some sort of hiatus from winter always puts me in better spirits. The last few years’ plans have always been up in the air. Not knowing where we were going, when we were going, or even if we were going were decisions always made at the last minute. This year will be different.


This will be the first year where our plans are to travel to a specific location, at a specific time, to meet up with specific people. We never travel like that unless it’s to see family! I must admit though, I like it!! I don’t have to do anything more than figure out how to pay for it and learn French (don’t need Spanish; hopefully I’ll have Ginger or Rock close by if the need arises). This year much of the decision making has been done by others and that makes life much easier. I am also quite flattered that not cc008one but two couples wish to include Honey and I in their holiday plans. It may just be Honey they want to holiday with, but since we come as a package I reap the reward too. I can live with that.


Senior Gamer


When I was a kid I could turn a cardboard box into just about anything. I used my imagination and away I went. I grew out of boxes and discovered sports at 10 and by the time I reached the age when I left home the video game had just arrived. There was video pong for your home and what I felt at the time were highly developed games at the arcades and bars.


Jump ahead four decades and you might wonder how I ever survived playing with such low end graphics and simplicity of programs. Today’s games are so far advanced that I wonder the same thing. At my age I should have grown out of games turned my eye to the more serious things in life, but I’ve never let my love of video games die. day8002The personal gaming system has been a part of my life for forty years, I can now go into a restaurant with my tablet, hook up to their free wifi, play Clash of the Clans or Candy Crush and get the senior discount on my meal!


There you have the last five things I have started to write and not finished. If you want one done, let me know, if not I’ll flush them … I’m busy watching the Olympics in my free time anyway.



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