Lazy Larry


Theresa May is to become Britain’s newest Prime Minister. I read in the New York Times that she is due to take up residence at 10 Downing Street immediately and that she will be greeted by Larry the cat. This made me laugh as I had written about Larry a few years ago, it was one of my first rants and I believe it may have been one of the first posts that I wrote that had nothing to do with travel.


Hearing that Larry was still around 10 Downing Street made me smile, so I thought I would share his story again.


March 2014


larry004I read last week that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has replaced Larry his cat with Freya, a tabby previously owned by Chancellor George Osborne. The reason was not because Larry had died or that he shed too much or scratched up the antique furniture. No Larry was replaced because he didn’t catch enough mice. Is it just me or do other people see that there might be a larger problem at 10 Downing Street?



larry008I can understand having a cat as a pet for your kids or because you like to have them curl up by your feet and listen to them purr when you pet their luxurious coats but having a cat for their mouse catching ability makes me wonder if you shouldn’t have bought a snake! Cats chase things, it’s in their nature and because they are larger than most mice and birds they inadvertently kill them. The average house cat is not a trained killing machine… They chase balls of yarn!!! Whoever came up with the idea of having a cat to control a problem with rodents obviously isn’t in the pest control business. Yes cats catch mice, but if you know anything about cats, THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING UNLESS THEIR IN THE MOOD!!



larry001Tux, the cowardly kitty, which resides in my house, will chase a ball of yarn and recently the light from a laser pointer, but if he catches anything he just puts his paw on it and waits for whatever it is, to do something else. Domestic cats don’t hunt! THEY PLAY!! And the idiot that thought up having a cat to control the mouse population at 10 Downing, should have looked this up!!! This is not the Serengeti, and Larry is not a Bengal Tiger! The other noteworthy thing is that it is the ‘female’ of the species that does the hunting and killing, not the male!! The name ‘Larry’ should have given the PM the first hint that this cat might not be quite what they were looking for! At least they might have a chance with a tabby named ‘Freya’!



larry007Considering that 10 Downing Street houses the official offices of Britain’s head politician, and it is where dignitaries from around the world visit, you’d think they’d have a better system of pest control than a CAT!! They have companies out there that specialize in this! Look in the ‘yellow pages’ in the back of the phone book under ‘exterminators’! You might be surprised how many companies are out there, offering just the services you’re looking for. So get rid of ‘Larry’ because he coughed up a fur ball on the President of France or because he sheds everywhere! But don’t turf the poor feline because he won’t kill the only thing in the entire house, that isn’t too busy to play with him !