omen0001Floyd is one of my few regular readers. He commented on the previous post and never one to listen to good advice I decided to reply with the following thoughts on said advice. 

February 2015

My friend Floyd made a comment on this blog that made me think of omens. I know many people would say that when something happens, ‘it’s an omen’. The thing is, is it a good omen or a bad omen? Does having something good happen to you mean that it is an omen for good things to come? Does the reverse apply when bad events happen? Does an event, being it good or bad, always precede another event of equal proportion? Or is it all hogwash?

omen0002Patrick’s untimely passing and Floyd’s comment about ‘turning mother’s picture to the wall and calling it a day’ did make me wonder if someone was trying to tell me something, at least momentarily. I’m not a particularly superstitious person. I pet a black cat when it crosses my path, I don’t have lucky clothing or charms and even though I don’t make it a habit to walk under ladders strictly for safeties sake, I don’t change my path to avoid them. Does this make me a fool?

Superstitions, omens and premonitions are things that many people believe strongly in. I am not one of them. If I were I would never leave my house. It’s a scary world out there and bad things happen to good people. Cars and planes crash and people get sick and die from eating and drinking things they shouldn’t. These types of things happen around us all the time. Letting these types of things overwhelm us to the point of inactivity makes me wonder what the point of living is in the first place. Spending my life worrying about what will come next to me is foolish.

omen0003Cancelling my trip to the Dominican Republic because of the uncertainty of what may happen when I arrived got all of two seconds of my time. You can only plan ahead so much and then let life take you where it will. In less than forty-eight hours I had a working alternative plan. I could have re-arranged things faster had I needed to but I chose to wait for communication from the island before settling on a course of action. My plans are fluid even now. There is only so much you can do in advance from a distance.

omen0004I like to have a plan for the future but that is only a plan. I have to live life in the present and deal with what’s in front of me not what is behind that. Trying to predict what will happen next is more work than it is worth. Nothing ever turns out quite like I imagine it will. So believing that one event is a precursor to future events of the same degree is not something I will hang my hat on. Life must be lived for good or bad.

I wrote this in reply to Floyd’s comment but it is worth repeating. I know two things about life and the road we travel. The first is that the ‘road of life’ is full of sharp turns and potholes, the second is that regardless of the ‘road’s’ condition, it must be traveled.

So Hasta luego, my next post will come from somewhere in the Dominican Republic.