The Blog formerly known as… I’m just saying

Yes you’re in the right place, this is home of my blog. If any of you are previous readers and are looking for some content, I’m sorry to inform you that GoDaddy has deleted all previous posts from their server. So I have to start all over again!!! 300 plus articles erased from the world wide web or are they??? The only way we will know is if this new venture becomes ‘uber-popular’ and they mysteriously reappear. I think I’m safe there.


So I’m starting from scratch which as you may notice includes a different look. This is because I can’t remember what the name of my previous theme was! There are hundreds of word press themes available, so I’m going to keep changing them until I find one that I am comfortable with. My hope is that I won’t drive away the few of you that are stopping by with all the changes. It will eventually settle down.


Since this is a new start I have decided that I will make some changes. Don’t worry I won’t be doing anything with meaning. Even though my ‘tagline’ is the same, I have changed the name of my site from “I’m just saying…” to “He Went that Way” for no other reason than the picture I used in the header made me think of the phrase.


I have also decided that I will drop ‘Kinaddin Myhed’ as a pseudonym and write under my own name, it would suck to write something that could make me crap loads of money and not be able to collect. No one got it anyway, people I’ve met that had read my work thought I was a middle-aged Middle Eastern dude. It doesn’t pay to try to be witty on the internet, you just confuse people.


Aside from my name I will also now include only pictures that are of my own creation, either I took them, I have permission to use them or I drew them myself. That’s right… there are now going to be cartoon stick people drawings!!! If this doesn’t increase my popularity I’ll be shocked.


I will continue to protect the innocent in my posts, they haven’t done anything more than be related to me or made my acquaintance. Yes the names are only slightly veiled but I think that may hold up in court. The same cast of characters from past posts will be back, IT Genie, Bull the porn king, Honey and Uncle Jeremiah, along with new names for old characters from the past.


GoDaddy may have deleted the posts but I have all the originals. My plan is to re-post some of my previous articles with a few minor name changes and maybe better spelling and grammar, intermingled with new stuff and stick people cartoons!! How can you not be entertained???


So hang tight and be patient with my sites growing pains.